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CCW levels of readiness

Good ol Lenny Magill has a refresher for you to CCW. …:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

Which level do you like? :face_with_monocle::boom::boom::eye:

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I always carry Condition 0, but situational awareness is always a factor. When I’m out and about I’m always in Condition Yellow (with a slight tinge of Orange :blush:) My problem with carrying in Condition 3 is the possibility of not having a second hand to rack the slide to chamber a round, and I’ve never been able to rack a slide on my belt or pocket.


I agree on the possible lack of opportunity for racking one in the chamber. Its not something I have to worry about with my set up and with arthritis in both wrists, all the practice I could get just wouldn’t keep me confident if things go bad. My new carry is very similar to the 45 without the grip safety. It allows for one in the pipe and still two measures of protection or one depending which I choose, thumb safety/hammer. Either or both accomplished with one thumb. The Kimber micro 9 is also a bit easier to conceal comfortably for me than the two examples on the video. Don’t want to sound like a salesman for the brand and nearly sold it till I did the M*CARBO trigger kit. Not comparing what’s better or worse, just what works best for me.


Thanks for the video … I have been thinking about this for some time and am happy to hear that my thoughts are confirmed.

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@NeutronBoy You’re welcome.
It helped me nail down some readiness techniques as well. :boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

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