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CB Radios/Hand helds

Sorry everyone, for being slow with my reply’s to the conversation. Hard to find online time lately. :grinning: So first.

The issue with Jeep wranglers is the fiberglass top, no place for a mount (without drilling big holes etc) that will get a good ground and the antenna above, and or unobstructed by, the vehicle, and have a good surface for a “ground plane”. In my case being the hood/front. Someone makes a mount that mounts behind the spare on the center brake light mount, but it obstructs the antenna and gives no ground plane. So…

This might be moot by now, but here is the mount I made for my 2011 wrangler. (the coax is usually pushed in the seam between the fender and cowl) Some company also makes one mostly like this out of stainless…
I made this one with a regular piece of 1" steel flat stock. I’m guessing your Jeep might be similar enough to do the same thing.


That is great Jeff! I did something similar on my Commander.