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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


@DivaMarie Nice! I’m outta’ likes.


@jeffing65 Yea me two! :rofl: Hate beening in Time Out


@TriggerHappy LOVE the old Galaxies! Remember riding around in my uncle Joe’s when I was young.

Best of luck!


Not too good, older pic, but here it is anyway.
"66 Galaxie 500 352 4bbl auto


Couple pic of my '69 CJ Mach 1.
One with me standing by it and one of my buddy Tony, when he first joined the navy in 83-84 and became a submariner.


damn wish i could like right now.


Yessir that is what I’m talkin’ about lol. I’m told it is black w/ red & white interior (weird?) bucket seats w/ center console shifter, chrome package and the 352 - don’t remember if he said it was a 2 or 4 bbl. No such luck on a 427 dammit - lol I learned from a google search some of the earlier 352’s were high compression 300 horse tho :sunglasses: :+1:


@TriggerHappy I think being an XL it should be a 390 4bbl. 315 or 335 hp depending on engine code.
That is no guarantee though. There could be many varying combinations from the factory that aren’t the norm. You could order nearly any combo you wanted including a custom color. And there were some earlier high compression 352 interceptors that were 360hp if i remember correctly.
I would need to dig out some books.
Black w/red interior not so unusual but red and white?


@TriggerHappy Is the pic of the black one the actual car or one like it?


No - that’s just a pic I pulled off the net. It’s over on the Seattle side of the mountains out in the open so it no doubt has a 1/4’ of green slime on it and might be rusting out at the bottom of that back window by now but he said it is straight and complete and all the glass was good. I don’t think he has talked to the property owners for a while but he said it was a loose end he wanted tie up. Even though he has title and keys I wouldn’t be surprised if it was gone or parted out. I think he said the upholstery was red and white with a black rug and black body?? whatever - still hoping :+1:


@TriggerHappy Still worth the effort. Especially if its an XL:+1:



I had liked it for you, Buck. I am down to my last 7 mins… T- (well…) lol


good luck @TriggerHappy :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Speaking of old Fords-what would you do with this:

And, FWIW, I’d still give my left you-know-what to have my very first one back-a '68 Mustang notchback w/289 auto in fire engine red…