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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


@DivaMarie NOT, for sure! I was really lucky (after breaking my knuckles) to break 40 hrs and at 16.75/FRH as an ‘A’ mechanic… I was happy to leave and get a job with GM as a Claims Examiner. I got all the racing tickets for perks!


@lonewolf They don’t call it ‘‘The Learn but don’t Earn Program’’ For Nothing ! Started in 69 as Lube Tech Got Smart in 2000 and went to work for City of Juneau Cleaning Bathrooms and Ball Field Maintaining @ 20.00 a Hour with benefits and Retirement ! Best thing I Ever Did for Me’ Seasonal Position 6 months a year top out at 36000, for 6 months of work then Unenjoyment for the Winter. :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie, Kart racing was a lot of fun and I was able to release a bunch of pinned up energy! $25/day was an inexpensive proposition rather than breaking car parts. I believe that I was spending $2/horsepower back then? I was running about 700 horses and I did not have much help in the way of sponsorship!


@DivaMarie, Sounds like Alaska was a wonderful experience for you? I am always envious of people that follow their dreams! It gives us many topics to discuss in our Golden years, for sure? Big smiles!


@Craig75, My school of thought is that anything that can improve one’s knowledge is a fine read???


I used to have a Mustang fetish, but now I’m into Nissan trucks/suv’s.
78 Mustang King Cobra (regretfully sold).
93 Mustang GT (regretfully sold).
03 Mustang GT (sold).
Contemplated buying a 78 Cobra II, an 04 Mach 1 and a 2013 GT.

94 Nissan XE 4×4 pickup (wrecked) want another one, preferably an SE 4×4.
00 Nissan Frontier SE CrewCab 4×4 (own).
04 Nissan Titan SE Offroad CrewCab (own).
04 Nissan Armada SE Offroad (own).
Contemplating buying a 2015 Nissan Xterra.



One of my favorite old cars is the 1934 Duesenberg. I don’t own one, but have seen it up close and personal at the Antique Auto Collection at Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. Here is a picture of one:




I must say, John, you have an ‘expensive taste?’ Big smiles! I wouldn’t mind ‘sporting’ around town in one of those, for sure!



Unfortunately, yes, I do have expensive tastes. These antique cars are not only expensive to buy, but also expensive to maintain. I am not likely to ever own one, but I sure do appreciate their beauty.

I guess my RAV4 will have to do for now!


I have a 68 camaro rs. Restored it 31 years ago and still runs and looks like new. Stroked 350 that makes 525 HP. Awesome to drive.


That is really, really sweet @Tinman! And good on you for hangin’ on to it. One of my best friends back in high school in the late 70’s did a '67 with a 350 and a mild cam/4 bbl/headers etc. in Guardsmen red with the same cowl induction hood scoop but he sold some years later and it really pissed me off! lol 525 HP is just right for the street cuz maybe just a little too much is just about right lol :sunglasses: :+1: How 'bout a pic of her with the hood popped? :heart_eyes:


This is my old “hot rod” lol I always wanted some kind of classic muscle car but never had one so this is going to be mine, it’s a '63, last of the Willys. (just bought it last summer) I live in a wilderness area with snow on the ground 4 months out of the year so this is more practical and more fun than a pickup. (I have had 11 or 12 of those lol)


it has a stock 350 with fenderwell headers and Quadrajet 4 bbl and believe it or not the old Qjet that everybody made fun of is the ideal off road carb if it is matched appropriately and set up correctly.


nice tinman bet it goes like a rocket @Tinman


I found an old Polaroid of my 1966 GT coupe that was stolen in 98.


Speaking of 1966 - I just might have found me a '66 Ford Galaxie 500XL.


I haven’t actually seen it yet and it’s been sitting for years. It belongs to a friend who has it parked at someone else’s house and he hasn’t seen it in years either. Kind of a long shot - wish me luck! :+1:


@TriggerHappy Oh God may the Forces be with you and Grant you Ownership of such a Beautiful Classic !


@TriggerHappy SWEET!!! All the luck in the world!!!:+1::+1::+1: I have a '66 Galaxie 500 2dr HT. Will try to find pick of it.



@DivaMarie @jeffing65 Thanks you guys! Jeff you amaze me with the cool old rides you have/had. I would be happy with just about anything from the late '60’s with a V8


@TriggerHappy Wish I still had all of them. Between the 3 I have crashed, 2 stolen, ones I have sold and still have, I would have to build a bigger shop. LOL


@TriggerHappy @jeffing65 My Best buddy’s 1964 Falcon Sprint Rag Top, (Red) 289 cam 4 Speed, Crager Mags ! My Favorite of all Early Classics.