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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


@DivaMarie NOT, for sure! I was really lucky (after breaking my knuckles) to break 40 hrs and at 16.75/FRH as an ‘A’ mechanic… I was happy to leave and get a job with GM as a Claims Examiner. I got all the racing tickets for perks!


@lonewolf They don’t call it ‘‘The Learn but don’t Earn Program’’ For Nothing ! Started in 69 as Lube Tech Got Smart in 2000 and went to work for City of Juneau Cleaning Bathrooms and Ball Field Maintaining @ 20.00 a Hour with benefits and Retirement ! Best thing I Ever Did for Me’ Seasonal Position 6 months a year top out at 36000, for 6 months of work then Unenjoyment for the Winter. :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie, Kart racing was a lot of fun and I was able to release a bunch of pinned up energy! $25/day was an inexpensive proposition rather than breaking car parts. I believe that I was spending $2/horsepower back then? I was running about 700 horses and I did not have much help in the way of sponsorship!


@DivaMarie, Sounds like Alaska was a wonderful experience for you? I am always envious of people that follow their dreams! It gives us many topics to discuss in our Golden years, for sure? Big smiles!


@Craig75, My school of thought is that anything that can improve one’s knowledge is a fine read???


I used to have a Mustang fetish, but now I’m into Nissan trucks/suv’s.
78 Mustang King Cobra (regretfully sold).
93 Mustang GT (regretfully sold).
03 Mustang GT (sold).
Contemplated buying a 78 Cobra II, an 04 Mach 1 and a 2013 GT.

94 Nissan XE 4×4 pickup (wrecked) want another one, preferably an SE 4×4.
00 Nissan Frontier SE CrewCab 4×4 (own).
04 Nissan Titan SE Offroad CrewCab (own).
04 Nissan Armada SE Offroad (own).
Contemplating buying a 2015 Nissan Xterra.



One of my favorite old cars is the 1934 Duesenberg. I don’t own one, but have seen it up close and personal at the Antique Auto Collection at Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. Here is a picture of one:




I must say, John, you have an ‘expensive taste?’ Big smiles! I wouldn’t mind ‘sporting’ around town in one of those, for sure!



Unfortunately, yes, I do have expensive tastes. These antique cars are not only expensive to buy, but also expensive to maintain. I am not likely to ever own one, but I sure do appreciate their beauty.

I guess my RAV4 will have to do for now!