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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


It was a Beauty and the whole story about it’s production is a Trip Thank god for (Howard Hughes) As the Big Three Auto Makers!! were Shafting the Poor Guy who came up with the Design. When I started working for Porsche in 68 just back from Nam, The Owner was doing a grounds up rebuild on A German Touring Car from the 30’s/40’s, I’m sure this spelling is wrong but Duchennburg was the name of it.


this is my dream car if I win lottery it’s mine


I had Forgotten how (God Darn Beautiful) These Car’s Were! And the Paint ! Their were some Hours spent on Prep/ IE Wet Sanding !!! :grinning:


if i get a chance I will try to get a pic of the one here. it is white.


You’ll love this! https:// hoonigan.com * (Rainbow Burnout Madness Ford Victoria )Breaks Donut Garage May 20 2018 !!:star_struck:


yes i will. sorry i didnt catch it myself.


“up a logging road in eastern Washington.”

My stompin’ grounds! :+1: Okanogan County born and raised - loggin’ roads everywhere! (not so much logging anymore)


When I was kid there was a guy down the road who had 3 of those Cords - a 2 door, a 4 door and a convertible. They weren’t that well restored as I recall, but man I bet they are worth a pile of $ now!


60 g for rust bucket 80 to 125 in show condition


@dave67 , My first wife picked me up in a 1973 Dodge Dart in the puke color ‘green.’ What a small world. I built many cars. I helped my father build a 1979 Camaro. It had a 454, Merlin heads, 2 Holley Dominators, 5 spd Lannco tranny, 4.88 rear gearing and tubbed to the max. We ran 1/4 Mile Super Mod. She turned 8.16@167mph on racing fuel. We kept it naturally aspirated. We named her Homer after our repair shop many moons ago. I think that we stopped racing Super Comp in 1996!


Nothing to fancy here, a 2002 miata, mostly stripped out, no a.c., no power steering, no stereo, roll bar, racing seats, hard top. Mostly suspension work I have done. Not to much interested in top speed anymore, really like handling and rally. Down side is, clutch pressure plate springs are failing and engine compression and leak down are lack luster. So a overhaul is needed. 112k miles driving it for over 7 years and 70k hard miles lol. But I still drive the piss out of her and she has been 100% reliable.

Rally time! It was a blast messing in a dirt lot (main road was flooded).

Sweet lighting when I left work and when I hit 111,111 miles!

No cup holders? No problem when you have a magnetic phone holder!


@DivaMarie one like this divamarie? Duesenberg this is a 1927. Ive done engines on a 28, 33 and 38 true artwork in motion…


@DivaMarie Lovely, work of art from one mechanic to another… I ‘tinkered’ with a 74 Mercury Cougar for my first set of wheels. I had a 65 Chevelle that got a 383 stroker kit. However, in 1991 a 79 Camaro was born! My shop totally tubed the frame and fiberglassed it. We built a 454 with Merlin heads, ran dual Holly Dominators and kept it naturally aspirated. We torched Powerglide transmissions before installing a 5spd Lanco. We named her HOMER after our shop and she ran all out the 1/4 mile to the tune of 8.16@167mph! Super Comp class was fun back in the day… Sorry, brought out some fine memories! I now ‘share’ a 2009 Toyota Sienna and don’t prefer to touch anything on this 3.5 motor. Everything is housed underneath the ‘intake’ and one has to remove it for any basic repairs under the hood. Thank God it has been a decent ride. It has had warranty repairs and pray nothing else ails her… Guess you can tell that I don’t like vehicles any more? As long as it drives without ‘issues,’ I am cool… Big smiles!


I’m into cars, got into sportscars and road racing - it all started when I was 17 years old, going to high-school, needed a car so worked a summer job, dad helped me out - paid him back and that’s a good life lesson…started modding my '77 Celica GT Coupe after daily driving it throughout high school and using some beaters during college. Been more into firearms in the past years but cars are also in my blood and I use indoor kart racing to keep my racing skills sharp.

with my oldest bros:

Fun times with that great little known car…


@goretro77 Glad to see there are other sports car types on the forum. I did a little racing back in the day. I even took my subaru baja out on the Pocono 2.5 mile oval a few times to see how it liked the banking.


@goretro77, My days of modified go cart racing were at New Egypt Speedway, NJ. I ran a Marquay chassis with a Briggs. Fire suits and a neck brace… One would call that ‘safe’ back in OUR day??? I had a ‘desk job’ with GM as a Claims Examiner. Wow, I am so blessed to be here now considering how dangerous those sports really are…


Ah the Memories of Our Past ‘And the Trials and Test’s of Our Patience to the Maxium Extreme’ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Who was the (Mental Giant) That came Up with some of these Fine Ideas of Maintence!! #1 70’s 911Turbo PULL MOTOR to put plugs in it ! #2 Sunbeam Tiger GO THRU the Fire wall for #8 Plug! #3 My all time Favorite Toyota Van’s Old and New Pull the Seats Then Unbolt Floor Pan For 4 Plugs (Idiot’s) :-1::-1:: Payed 1 hr Flat Rate’ :crazy_face: "Ah Toyota the Things You Do For Me’’ NOT.


@ longwolf It’s A Small World, I Raced Karts in Mid 60’s Had a Fox Kart Twin Mac’s, Saddle Tanks. Raced at Seattle International Raceways, Paine Field in Everett Thrasher’s Corner in Bothell Washington. Did Well,Should have Pursued it’ to Nascar But then Draft Came into our lives and Nam.


@GOBLIN Was their wood in these somewhere Doors?


@DivaMarie Don’t forget the Ferrari 330 GTC , had to pull the engine to change the plugs, or the Alfa Romeo 164, had to roll the engine forward on it mounts to get the the back set of plugs.