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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


@KM55 I have a 2002 Ford F-250 5.4L “WORK TRUCK” with over 200,000 mi. and never left me on the side of the road…“knock on wood”:fist_left:


none of my ford’s ever left me stranded unless they were crashed. and they all kept me alive when that happened. .


My parents bought her for me, when I was about 14. She was brought in behind a wrecker. My dad and I did the drive train and the interior and had her painted, so I could drive her in high school in the early 90’s. This is what she looks like now.


i had a 1966 gt coupe.289/auto, factory front disc., quick ratio manual steering, heavy front and rear sway bars, custom order blue with black and white pony interior,

It was unfortunately stolen in 1998. and to add to that tragedy,
in 2012 i had my Acapulco Blue 1962 Galaxie 500 XL stolen.

As you might expect , there isn’t enough middle fingers in the world, to truly express how i feel about it all. LOL…
grim-mas… AARRRRGG!!!



The Bastard’s !! The low Life Air Sucking Carp’s May Karma :poop: On their life’s Parade.


This is what is left of a 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider after it pissed me off one too many times.


@godallmighty So when you put it back together you had a few extra parts? :laughing:


Oh yes!! thank you. May it indeed.

Its kinda’ little comfort and bittersweet, but if they were truly FORD guys, the ford spirits will certainly punish them.

and if they weren’t, then neither of those cars will ever accept them, and perform or be the incredible rides they are (for them).


@dave67 That’s what is left of the engine . I showed my friends how to use a cutting torch and cut up the rest into little pieces and put it out in the trash. Only saved the trans , windshield and roll bar :checkered_flag:


What did that poor little car do too you bully lol just joking


I can so identify with that. I totally know that final decision !!
and then wah laa… a very nice art piece to mark the event.

right there with you brother


@Jefft1967 All my race cars had “run fast or be eaten” on the front. Everybody thought it was for the other drivers, nope , it was a note to the car.


:grinning:1978 Red ford Short Box 351(4) speed P.S. A.C. Had a(Head On) Mid 80’s Chevy Head light to Headlight ! I drove mine Home they had to call a for a tow’ 25 miles off the Main Byeway’s and Highways up a logging road in eastern Washington.Never let me down and was a Tire fryer’ and loved the Banked Texas Highways @ High Speed’s.


To me auto art is the fins on a 57 Chevy or the coffin hood on a 1937 cord please look up the car it is a work of art


Well Said ! Or the Different Bullet Style grill’s, Caddy’s Merc’s,Studebaker,Some of the Early Corvette’s Tail lights.


The dad of a guy I grew up with here has a 37 Cord. What an exquisite automobile. I saw him driving it not long ago.


What can I say other than “That puts a great big smile on my face” :grin:


dont forget to mention those Desoto, New Yorker and Imperial fins. after all, they were hauled around with “hemi style”


Here are some Italian fins. image image