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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?



Definitely, not. Alfa pickup truck? :cowboy_hat_face:


@Phoenix Was made from an old Alfa giulia super ( 4 door) that had more than a little rust. Used to use it to haul spare parts at the race track. Never figured out how to make a working tailgate, so was a pain in the ass for heavy items. But it ran like stink when I put it on the track. It didn’t know that it was a pickup truck. :grinning:




One of a kind, for sure. I will have to share the photos with some people I know who know a thing a two about Italian cars. :grinning:



Man, that thing is going to be so cool when you finish it! :sunglasses:


Thanks it’s always been a dream of mine. My work schedule keeps me from spending time. 18 months I retire then it gets my full attentions


Vintage and classic pickup trucks are worth a ton of money now. That’s going to do very well for you if you finish it.


It’s not always about what it’s worth it’s about bring you back to a certain memory or place but yes certainly can be worth a bit of change



My first care, errr rather a pic of one just like it. 75 Firebird Formula. Had a 455 in it. Man that thing could get out of its own way. Very quick tho a stone by today’s terms…


But as I always say you look at it and know exactly what it is not a cookie cutter car


Old car and guns what a great mix


Cookie Cutter Car ? Are those the Honda Civic’s with the Large and Loud Oversize Exhaust with The (4) Inch Inlet and Outlet Pipe’ On a Stock 4 Banger that could never Produce enough Back Pressure to worry about.


Yeah and the guy who puts stickers on his car and thinks it’s a race car now


LOL i thought those stickers were “multi-dynamic air flow redirection” trim panels that modulate the down force across the “Hydro-Finafoil” that is trunk mounted in the high wing configuration.


Oh no the high mounted wing makes it a 10 second Street car with a fart can muffler


yup shhh…oooh duh…ewww… and thats at 4000 ft. alt.



one of my buddys had a 75 formula 400 in green


If orginal color sounds rare


it was. or at least i think so. i have never seen another that color. he bought it around 84-86 from a girl up the road from me.
It was her graduation present in 1975 and she took pride in it. And it showed!!.
He paid 3500. she was asking 4000. it had 68000 miles and was absolutely flawless, inside and out.
it was always parked under a carport out of the sun, kept clean and taken care of. Not the tortured and terrorized camaro type.


Sounds like a nice car


Like you said about your chevelle and the 454 to play with mustangs,
if i could just hit the big lotto, fall in a pit of money, or something like that.
i want to build a bullet proof shotgun ford fe block with twin vortec superchargers and drop it in my 1966 full-size ford galaxie 2dr ht.
just for the express purpose of terrorizing the new challengers and camaros. .

P.S. are there any ford guys out here?