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CARS: Who's Into Old Cars Or Hot Rods?


I ll post pic tomorrow but I have 1974 Chevelle with 89,000 miles on her but before I got hurt she was getting a 454 to help her play with the mustang out there


My first car was a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport with a rebuilt 318. I sure miss those front and rear bench seats, the back bench seat folded down and then another panel into the trunk folded down and made a bed. :+1:


this is my old girl


she s dirty from sitting a couple years engine s on stand just need a few friends and some time to finish her


Only reason she sitting in garage is my bad back bought this car when I was 16 am 51 now so I will finish her trust me we been through hell and back


I know that had to hurt in a way


I went to high school during the original muscle car era but never got the v8 bug. Went the way of the sports car. Here are a couple of pictures of some of my old toys when I used to race. mort2m2


Is that an Alfa Romeo


@Jefft1967 Yes they are. The 2 door is a GTV and the 4door is a Berlina. Same drive train and suspension, the 4 door was a little longer and was faster on most tracks


57 dodge 100 traded my 2003 dyna. Just need time to finish it.


Different look.



I used to own an Italian-racing red Alfa Romeo GTV-6 in the early 80’s. :grin:


I owned a 2002 35th Anniversary Camaro SS convertible from December, 2001, until 2014.



I had 3.73 gears in it, convertible sub-frame connectors, air-intake, exhaust, etc. The bolt-on stuff. I had fun running that LS1 for 13 years and took it to the drag strip twice. I killed a super-charged Saleen Mustang five times in a row in 2002 with no supercharger. Just LS1 Chevrolet small-block power. :wink::sunglasses:


Nope it’s going to stay as original as possible. Still has flat head 6. It may not do current highway speeds but it will get you there. Currently need to finish inside cab.


Great looking truck love the old cars and trucks they had body lines and there’s no mistaking what they are


@Phoenix A couple of my friends had the GTV 6 back in 1987. I had a few Milano’s, same engine and suspension just 2 more doors. Loved them.



Man, I loved my Alfa GTV-6 so much! I wish I still had that car! I used to sneak up on 5.0 Mustangs around 1982 in my Alfa, and they never even knew what hit them! :wink::sunglasses::sunglasses:


It will take me a few to collect pictures - most of these were pre digital.

1980s - 7 '65 &'66 Mustangs producing 1 each Coup then convertible then fastback
Late '80s - tried AutoX’g with the fastback and discovered love of lateral g’s. Since this time … 2x Datsun 240Z, 6x BMW 2002 (inc’l tii and full coilover M3 motor conversion), Datsun 2000 (The Fairlady), Honda CRX Si, and 2x Alpha Romeo GTV6 (really wanted a GTV). Some classify my current grey market MB 280sl as a sports car - but it’s a luxury ride.


Bet ya no one has ever seen one of these before :zipper_mouth_face:Pickup3Pickup2