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Cant lock hammer down on 9mm sub 2000

Have sub 2000 in 9mm. Cant lock the hammer down when trying to reinstall the bolt. Have to hold the hammer down while sliding the bolt over it. A gun smith told me that the hammer will only lock down when pressed on the 40 cal, but not the 9 mm. Is this correct??


Nope, the hammer will lock down on either, equally, they are functionally identical.
Try either a long wooden dowel, or sneak a finger through the chamber if your finger is long enough to lock it back.
Also, if you think the hammer is already locked, the bolt just might need a bit of a smack, to push it past the hammer during re-install.


And if what @Stircrayzy suggest doesn’t work, more then likely the sear spring is off. Of course this is only applicable if you opened up the 2 halves.