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Can't Decide Which 10mm: Glock 20 Or New Ruger GP100

Want to get a 10mm and cant decide which pistol I want. Who has experience with these two pistols?


Two completely different animals there. I do not have any experience with 10mm yet but can say my GP100 in 357 is a tank no matter how hot of a load I shoot out of it. So to answer your questions it depends on your planned use Glock is going to have higher capacity GP might have less felt recoil. The Firearm Enthusiast inside me says get them bought you won’t regret it.


“Get them both”. :joy: I love it! Why didnt I think of that?!

Monty Montgomery

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Ruger has the GP100 Match Champion chambered in 10mm.

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The GP100 10 mm requires moon clips. Do you want to rely on them to shoot such a gun?

Also, the GP100 only has a 3 inch barrel - which for 10 mm is a bit short.

If you are only considering these 2 handguns for 10 mm, definitely the Glock. Although, the grip on the G20 is big (so, if your hands are small, not a good choice). Plus, the Glock holds more than twice as many rounds.

If you want more power per shot, and don’t need so many shots (modest capacity is ok with you), then you might want to consider one of the 1911’s with a 5 inch barrel in 10 mm.

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@JohnB Glock does make some of their 10mm pistols in an “SF” model (small frame) which slims up the grip for small to medium hands…the Glock 20 is made in a G20 SF model.



Thanks for the info. I hadn’t kept up with the latest models in 10 mm. Guess it is time for me to go back and visit their website.


@JohnB I believe there are 5 different 10mm models (G20, G20SF, G29, G29SF & G40). The G29 is a subcompact model and G40 has a full 6" barrel. I think it was the G40 I fired a few years back, it was much better than I was anticipating. It was a larger size, made my G35 look small but the larger size helps with the recoil which was not bad at all. The Danish Navy’s Sirius Sled Patrol carries the G20 for protection against Polar Bears, according to reports the unit has many successful stops on record.



I have only fired (out of that group), the G20. I liked it, but it was a handful to hold.

Agreed, the recoil is not bad. But then, a lot of 10 mm ammo has similar ballistics to .40 S&W. I probably have not fired any of the hotter loads.

Glock 20 is a nice weapon. Full house real 10mm loads expensive. Most loads sold are under true 10mm power. Buffalo bore or maybe Underwood ammo or double tap really come close.

Recoil nothing to speak of in the 20. The frame really absorbs the recoil.

Neat thing about the the glock 10mm is the various models.

Glock only manufacture that built a gun specifically for the 10mm when it came out.

Most guns at the time failed to handle 10mm loads. I the past years the 10mm has been having a resurgence of interest and other manufacturers have stepped up to develop reliable 10mm semi autos.

Personally for economics I use they 17L and a gp100 6 inch.

I guess it all depends on what you are going to use your gun for.

Both are heavy hitters.

Glock 20 more of field weapon smaller versions for conceal but then how well is your shot placement going to be?

Cant go wrong with with either if your out in the woods.

Gp100 4 inch excellent all around hiking target and HD weapon.

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One option you have with the Ruger GP100 is loading the full moon clips with the less expensive .40 S&W for plinking. Moon clips act as speed loaders also.

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One word: Modularity. They are both good guns, but with the aftermarket support for Glock you can make thing shoot .45, 9mm, .40, and add a .22 kit to it, convert it to a carbine, add large capacity mags, you now have a very versatile firearm. What can you do with the Ruger?