Canadian Nightmare 🇨🇦

Wouldn’t it be easier just to add the additional ones (not that I agree) rather than obliterate current established ones?
Though my real response should be WTF?
I suggest out voting the woke tards, and beforehand remind them politely they represent and work for the whole country not just the minority.
Sad when words like Mother Father Women Men are to be treated with disdain.

Slap some sense into this generation and remind them woke = broke.

Would not happen, hey the gov has all the money it can print from our sweat to back it.
With that attitude, spend spend spend and spend some more on BS. IMO

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Feel sorry for you brother :cupid:

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The point isn’t to.include everyone. It’s to exclude normal people.

Bolshevik communists…


BILL C21 Passed and is now LAW.
BS at the highest level.


The federal Liberal government’s gun control legislation Bill C-21 passed the House of Commons on Thursday.

While the majority of MPs voted to see the bill pass into the Senate, two Liberal MPs who represent northern ridings sided with the Conservatives in voting against the legislation.

The bill, which passed nearly a year after it was first introduced, had an acrimonious journey through the House, and was significantly expanded from what was initially tabled in May 2022.

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AND it gets worse, no Sh(*^.

The SUB2K is on the list.

The rest of the BS!

Sorry ROB2 we lost the battle, but not the war.
With that, further postings might not be forthcoming.

The amendment not only proposes to prohibit a vast array of rifles and shotguns (with no mention of compensation for current owners), it also includes changing the definition of a prohibited firearm in the criminal code to include: “a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed.

This will effectively mean the end of all semi-automatic long guns in Canada, at least while the current coalition government remains in power.

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Separatists fed up with Trudeau want province to break away from Canada, become 51st state ‘Trudeau, at heart, is a fascist,’ source at Alberta 51 Project told Fox News Digital



They’re it leaving one course of action. Godspeed true Canadians

Does this include .22 rimfire semi auto? Or any centrefire with less than 5 round magazines? or semi auto 3 shot shotguns, or pump action rifles and shotguns including lever action, which do not technically have magazines?

Is the proposal is anything over 5 round capacity magazines? to get past it use a 5 round mag (sucks but if it works), it seems a mag issue not a gun issue by their definition.

Also, we had this in the UK, I lost 2 rifles but did get compensated (Did object to their offer and had independent assessments done on my 2 guns as they were custom made) doubled MY MONEY. if they wish to confiscate / ban, legally own property they must pay compensation, (no difference between a lawfully owned gun and a car or house etc, under law its legally owned.

Also be careful if they do, does not include extra bits and upgrades unless they cannot be used on another gun, in which case they must pay for them providing you have receipts (learnt that one the hard way, never again).

Also, reloaders lose out as they will not usually pay compensation for component part of ammo, if they pay for fully loaded, under fill the buggers so when they sell them on it doesn’t work.

Never, EVER give in. Period.

If they’re taking your guns it’s because they’re doing something the people would shoot them for if they knew.

Every Marxist regime starts by taking over education, then government, then disarming the populace, then complete overthrow of everything followed by mass cullings.

I’ll be damned if they try that here.

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TYVM for your reply.
I am in the dark as much as everyone else. It’s BS wording at it’s best.
I’m not a lawyer, but if any of BILL C21 was prepared by Lawyer’s its full of BS trap wording, even with jointly prepared by RCMP of others involved in its creation thereof.

A single word can mean a lot.

So to answer your question I humbly add a few sites of reference and then IMHO.

Here we go… Bill C-21: Liberal gun control bill passes House | CTV News
This site answers a lot of your questions and leaves everything daubiest at best.
Full list of firearms banned through C-21 revealed - Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights
A lot of US folks wont even believe the list… but I assure you it is true.
And it’s my HOPE that the US doesn’t fall into the same fate.
I might have to change my citizenship but will wait until the next election. Shouldn’t be to difficult as your sieve border and other locations a joke at best. That’s to not include all the great folks doing their job as best they can in those departments. :+1:

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We won’t fall into the same trap here. I swear as soon as they try to confiscate standard AR’s people will revolt. Rare, obscure triggers are one thing. Sure it pisses us off and we’ll fight it in court but to confiscate the entire gun? Well you can bet your ass we’ll turn them in one piece of lead at a time.

With US citizens in possession of over 400 million legally purchased firearms and 13 trillion rounds of ammunition I highly doubt that will happen hear. Add to that we have about 14 million armed services vets who won’t put up with any of the shite.


We put up with it since 2020…

I honestly think there’s millions of men just waiting for a leader to stand up and say “GO!”. That has to be what’s holding the evil to a slow erosion timeline.