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Well it’s about time for another update, this time focusing on HANDGUN Freeze. You will not believe this, and as always my apologies for the lengthy read. I only cut & paste, remove hyperlinks, from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) Newsletter, fighting for our rights as law abiding citizens!

Handgun Freeze is Useless, says

Privy Council Report

Nobody – not even Justin Trudeau’s Privy Council – believes his “handgun freeze” can reduce violent crime.

Everyone, gun owner and gun hater alike, wants to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, but many are “skeptical as to whether a national freeze on the buying and selling of handguns would be effective,” the Privy Council Report says.

I don’t know exactly what impact it will have,” said Talal Dakalbab, Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Safety, in his testimony before committee.

The Privy Council report specifically noted that the federal government’s “*freeze on the buying and selling of handguns [is] overly punitive towards law-abiding firearms users.

The report also noted “the majority of handgun-related crimes were caused by those who had obtained their firearms illegally” so banning legal owners from buying/selling handguns won’t reduce violent crime with guns.

A Distressing Note

Nationwide, firearm-owning participants were informed that the government had imposed a temporary import ban on restricted handguns in August 2022 and that individuals and businesses could no longer import handguns.

“While a few expected this would negatively impact their ability to partake in sport shooting or collecting antique firearms, most in the group felt this action to be reasonable and did not expect this measure to impact them personally.”

Therein lies our greatest challenge as a community.

Our attitude should be:

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

Instead, the attitude of many gun owners is:

It’s not MY guns they’re after, so why should I care?

No matter what kind of firearms you love, you should care because they’re coming for your guns too. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But once all the black rifles and handguns are gone, all that’s left is hunting rifles and shotguns.

If you believe “they” will never seize and destroy your guns, you’re not paying attention. Worse, you probably haven’t been paying attention for a very long time.

“Gun control” advocates will never be satisfied until ALL guns are removed from Canadians.

Heidi Rathjen was crystal clear about this way back in 1995.

We have an agenda and our task will be completed when all firearms have been prohibited, but as you can see, our position has been consistent over these five years and will not change,” Rathjen told the committee on Bill C-68.

That we, as a community, refuse to face this fundamental objective almost 30 years later does not bode well for our longstanding culture of safety, our proud hunting heritage, our shooting sports, or our way of life.

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately,” Benjamin Franklin wisely noted over 220 years ago.

An attack on one gun is an attack on all guns.

An attack on one gun owner is an attack on all gun owners.

It is to our community’s eternal shame that we steadfastly refuse to face this.

Privy Council Survey Results

Atlantic Canada

Gun crime urban centres such as Halifax and St. John’s is a major issue.

Impression is firearm-related crimes increased.

Hearing about firearms-related crime on an almost daily basis.

Federal freeze on the buying and selling of handguns is overly punitive towards law-abiding firearms users.

The majority of handgun-related crimes were caused by those who had obtained their firearms illegally and, as such, this action would do little to address the issue.

Quebec Anglophones, Greater Toronto Area

Most reacted positively to the implementation of a national freeze on handguns.

Participants speculated the handgun freeze was the first step toward a permanent ban on handgun ownership in Canada.

Regulation alone would likely not work because if a person is committed to obtaining a firearm for criminal use, they’ll be able to, no matter how strict the laws are.

Greater Vancouver Area

Handgun freeze would have little to no effect on firearms related crimes because criminals are not deterred by new regulations.

Concern this might lead to the growth of an unregulated and illegal market for handguns and further exacerbate the prevalence of drug and gang violence.

When asked whether a handgun freeze or a handgun ban would be appropriate, these participants said neither, because they won’t address drug- and gang-related violence.

Northwest Territories

Felt a handgun freeze or ban would not have a significant impact on their communities because ownership of handguns in the North was rare.

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I read they were also trying to include airsoft guns into this as well. Anything on that Jean?


YES, SO SAD, I almost could not believe it, but then realized where this was stemming from. I do not like to post links if I don’t have to but this is just to much.
See here below and thanks for the feedback.

Watch: Airsoft guns could be banned under Canada’s proposed firearms law

Canada’s proposed new gun law could make airsoft guns, the air-powered firearm lookalikes that fire small plastic or resin balls, illegal. That’s bad news for hundreds of business owners who make their money selling the guns or operating airsoft match fields.

Watch CBC: The National’s video on Airsoft and Bill C-21


Surely the criminals won’t buy and sell guns if you make that illegal, right?

You guys should also make murder illegal. That would cover all kinds of weapons!

There’s only one way to end this nightmare. Sadly.

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Unfortunately, anything that looks scary is first on the list.
Anything that might cause harm by mistakenly looking like something scary is next on the list.
Anything that can fire like it’s scary is also targeted.
Just about sums up, excepting everything that isn’t painted in any tone of black, green or brown or a combination of might remain on the shelf. What might be left…

Late 19th Century Black Powder Trade Rifle.


There’s exactly one way to end it. The truckers were in the right path.

Honk honk!

I loved those guys.


Well it’s that time again, no traction updates, but here is a bit of an insider.
A good reminder of our roles as a firearm owner and how we can remine diligent and responsible. Copied directly from the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.

The Saskatchewan Firearms Office is set to launch a public awareness campaign on March 20th, 2023, aimed at promoting the safe use and storage of firearms in the province.

Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said, “By improving public awareness, we can ensure that all owners use firearms properly and demonstrate safe behaviours for the next generation to follow.”

While most firearms owners already follow or exceed proper safety, storage and handling practices, the Saskatchewan Firearms Office wanted to ensure all owners are aware of their important roles and responsibilities.

The Saskatchewan Firearms Office is responsible for administering the Firearms Act in Saskatchewan, which details jurisdiction over the licensing, storage, transportation and use of firearms in the province.

Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg commented, “Following proper firearms safety tips and storage practices will not only keep you and your loved ones safe; they also ensure the safety and well-being of our communities across the province.”

The following are a list of safety tips for firearms owners to follow: have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL/RPAL), learn basic information about your firearm, including how to safely handle, load and secure it, ensure unauthorized persons cannot access the keys or combination lock used to secure your firearms unless they have their PAL license and are permitted to use the firearms, and unload all firearms when not in use and before they are stored.

More safety tips include: use a locked cabinet or safe to store your firearms, for non-restricted firearms, you can attach a secure locking device, such as a trigger or cable lock, store ammunition separately from all firearms or ensure ammunition is kept in a locked safe or cabinet, always use the correct ammunition for your firearm, and never point a firearm at anyone or anything that you don’t intend to shoot.

When travelling with a firearm, reminders include: make arrangements to secure your firearms at the hotel, motel, etc. you are staying at, don’t store your firearms in an unoccupied vehicle overnight, park in well-lit locations where your vehicle can be easily seen by yourself and others when stopping at gas stations and restaurants, always have the firearm unloaded with an appropriate locking device installed properly on the firearms, and ensure the vehicle is locked and all firearms are out of view from those outside the vehicle.

The firearms safety campaign will run until the end of April.

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while I know this doesn’t help your situation up there I hope it does lend some brevity plus it lets you know how most of us down here feel about fidel’s spawn truedope


Thanks you sir. That means a lot.
Last night watched DT speech in Waco from a few days ago.
Very inspiring, lots of forward thinking vision and hope for change in the right direction.
I know a lot of folks are looking forward to 2024, but we have to get 2023 behind us first. We are not so fortunate, unfortunately.
BTW, great pic. LOL


glad you enjoyed it

sometimes you got to laugh to keep from cryin’

my head was in a bad place yesterday after watching the Waco docu thing on netflix …

hard to forget it but not worth blowing a gasket over it now


I DONT KNOW ANYMORE, here is the latest, via the CCFR to the Toronto Star.
A direct cut and past here. Very much a too long of a read, however these periodic updates are packed with the bottom line stuff.

Budget reveals next steps in Ottawa’s plan to force gun owners to give up banned weapons

The federal government plans to spend $29 million to help implement an “IT solution” to remove assault-style firearms from Canadian communities.

A small item from the new federal budget offers a hint at how the government plans to carry out its buyback of prohibited firearms.

Over five years, the federal government intends to spend $29 million to help Public Safety Canada and the RCMP implement an “IT solution to compensate firearms owners and businesses and safely remove assault-style firearms from Canadian communities.”

According to the ministry of public safety, the funding will be used to create an online management system to facilitate the acquisition, destruction or disposal of more than 100,000 prohibited assault-style weapons, such as the AR-15. The military-grade firearms were banned through an order-in-council in May 2020 on the grounds they have no place in hunting or sport shooting.

The government still expects to spend more on the buyback program. In 2021, the parliamentary budget officer estimated it could cost anywhere between $47 million and $756 million depending on the number of guns affected, the take-up rate and pricing structure.

The regulatory ban in May 2020 came less than two weeks after 22 people were killed in Nova Scotia in what remains Canada’s deadliest mass shooting. According to an Ipsos poll at the time, four in five Canadians support the government’s move to outlaw military-style assault weapons.

“This is a first step toward the buyback program and lays the groundwork for it,” spokesperson Audrey Champoux told the Star in an emailed statement. “It has no connection to any registry. This IT system will be used to facilitate the buyback, not maintain and track guns.”

Champoux later stressed that the program will “absolutely” not involve a registry. She added that the ministry had no further “operational details” to share.

The mandatory buyback program, which has drawn the ire of Conservatives and gun rights advocates, would require owners of banned guns to either sell them to the government, have them rendered inoperable at federal expense or lawfully disposed of.
Currently, an amnesty is in place until Oct. 30, 2023 to protect lawful owners of the now-prohibited firearms from criminal liability while they take steps to comply with the law. It’s unclear whether that deadline will be extended for a second time as the government continues to design the system.

Though British, Australian and New Zealand governments have done so, this is the first time a Canadian government has tried to purchase recently-prohibited guns from their owners, said Blake Brown, a history professor at Saint Mary’s University.

“They seem to be struggling a bit in figuring it out,” said Brown, author of Arming and Disarming: A History of Gun Control in Canada. However, he understands the rationale. If the government’s really serious about getting these guns out of circulation, he continued, it makes sense to offer compensation for them as it will boost compliance.

Last month, the government suffered a blow to its gun control efforts when backlash among opposition MPs, gun owners and Indigenous groups forced the government to pull two controversial amendments to Bill C-21, legislation that would freeze the sale of hand guns.

The withdrawn revisions would have banned hundreds of other makes and models of assault-style weapons, and entrenched an “evergreen” definition of what kinds of guns should be prohibited.

In an interview with the Star last week, Mendicino was tight-lipped about whether the government planned to introduce new but similar amendments, emphasizing the role of the House of Commons public safety committee in revising Bill C-21.

“We are currently working with our parliamentary colleagues to craft a clear solution that will keep assault-style weapons off our streets,” Champoux said.

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They are leaving precisely one way out.

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Well here we go, I don’t much like what I am reading between the lines.
Which Province is next I wonder…
As always, this is plain and ongoing BS.
Cut and pasted from the CSSA E-News Team.

Saskatchewan Firearms Act Passes with Unanimous Consent

Today The Saskatchewan Firearms Act became law with a unanimous vote in the Saskatchewan legislature.

“It is important for Saskatchewan to have its own provincial firearms legislation to ensure the concerns of responsible firearms owners are taken into account,” said Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety.

“This legislation will create a strong, consistent framework to enhance public safety and support the proud tradition of responsible firearms use and ownership in this province,” Tell said.”

The Act will:

· With respect to recent changes by the federal government that impact lawful firearms owners:
o establish licensing requirements for seizure agents involved in firearms expropriation;
o require and oversee fair compensation for any firearms being seized; and
o require forensic and ballistic testing of seized firearms.
· Establish a provincial firearms regulatory system that will promote the safe and responsible use of firearms.

“The Saskatchewan Firearms Act is critical to our work to improve public safety, promote responsible firearms ownership and assist the police in addressing crimes committed with illegal firearms,” Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg said.

“This legislation, and the significant funding we have received in this year’s provincial budget, will be put to good use as we continue to develop the Saskatchewan Firearms Office,” Freberg said.
The Saskatchewan NDP, through MLA Trent Wotherspoon, joined with the Saskatchewan government to protect and defend hunters, sport shooters and collectors from federal government overreach.

This marks a very public break with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who is committed to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and its national firearms confiscation scheme that is still without a timetable, without a plan and without financing through the federal budget.

We congratulate Minister Christine Tell, Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg and the entire Saskatchewan Legislature for standing up for the citizens of Saskatchewan and against the overreach of Justin Trudeau’s federal government.

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They’re clearing liking the whole idea of seizing your guns.


Enough said!


Another update.
Starting to look really grim…
Copied and pasted directly from the CCFR News Bulletin.

BREAKING: New C-21 Amendments, regulations on “Ghost Guns”, large capacity magazine bans, and more

This afternoon, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, flanked by his Liberal colleagues, announced that his government would be bringing forward new amendments to Bill C-21 which include amending the criminal code definition of a “prohibited firearm” to include:

  • A firearm that is not a handgun and that
  • Discharges centre fire ammunition;
  • In a semi-automatic manner; and
  • Was originally designed with a detachable magazine with a capacity of six cartridges or more


According to Public Safety Canada, this technical definition would cover firearms designed and manufactured after Bill C-21 comes into force; it would not affect the classification of existing firearms in the Canadian market.

This made gun control advocates very angry, and they even held a [press conference of their own to express their anger at these new amendments and measures. They went as far as declaring they would not participate in the CFAC committee, if called upon by the Liberals, calling it useless, and citing their participation in a previous CFAC that led to nothing.

Other amendments to be introduced to Bill C-21 include:

Reintroducing the measures related to “ghost guns”:

  • Add illegally manufactured firearms to the definition of “prohibited firearm” in the Criminal Code; and
  • Define “firearms part” in the Criminal Code to include barrels, slides for handguns and parts prescribed by regulations.

Including a provision regarding Aboriginal and treaty rights of Indigenous peoples:

  • The provisions of Bill C-21 are to be construed as upholding the Aboriginal and treaty rights of Indigenous peoples recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, and not as abrogating or derogating them.

Require a parliamentary review of the technical definition:

  • This review would start five years after coming into force of the new provision.

Other measures announced today:

Make regulations under the Firearms Act to ensure that firearms are classified correctly before entering the Canadian market by requiring a valid Firearm Reference Table (FRT) number:

  • This would ensure that firearms are classified correctly, and that the Government is aware of the presence of new makes and models of firearms before entry into the domestic market.

Update regulations regarding large capacity magazines to:

  • Require the permanent alteration of long-gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds; and
  • Ban the sale or transfer of magazines capable of holding more than the legal number of bullets.

Establish an independent Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to:

  • Provide advice to the Minister of Public Safety on pragmatic measures to reform Canada’s firearms policies, laws and regulations to ensure a modernized firearms regime that will keep Canadians safe and preserves access to firearms reasonable for use for hunting and sporting.
  • The Minister will seek advice from the Committee on next steps to consider further actions related to the current market of firearms.

The CCFR will continue to oppose Bill C-21 and any new regulations that have a negative impact on Canadian firearms owners.

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Watched Justin Trudeau ponce into Westminster abbey for the coronation, even his walk is arrogant. Its hey look at me attitude. Not condoning it, but I am suprised no one has tried to slott him yet.

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Canada is going through an interesting time these couple of years. I was told by a friend that follows this, that our per-person debt is more then the US. All our cost of living necessities have increased, some by a lot. I think us Canadians just tough it out and hope for the best. I’m wondering what it’s going to take to back us up just to against the wall and see what happens. IMHO of course…


Another interesting update…
Copied and pasted from the CSSA eNEWS this week. MP Raquel Dancho vs Bill C-21’sNuclear Option”

“It’s very important for people to understand that this is a nuclear option,” Raquel Dancho, MP for Kildonan—St. Paul (MB), said of the Liberal Motion for Closure on Bill C-21 on Monday in the House of Commons.

Bill C-21 and the latest round of Liberal amendments to it “impact 2.3 million gun owners, their families, their communities, hundreds of millions of dollars of our economy and tens of thousands of jobs, not to mention centuries of culture and heritage in Canada,” Dancho said.

“We could have stopped this right at the beginning,” Dancho said, “if not for the NDP working very closely with the Liberals on their true agenda, to take away firearms from hunters, sport shooters, farmers, and Indigenous Canadians.”

Dancho said the Liberal time allocation motion is “very long and talks about a lot of things but, in essence what it does, which is really important to remember, is it expands the scope of the bill.”

The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) has worked very well, “especially since we’ve been acting in good faith and have gone through half the amendments in two meetings.”

“No reason for this at all,” she said. “In fact, the NDP member on the committee has spoken more than almost anybody in the last two meetings. So, does it really make sense why they’re trying to forcibly limit debate?”

“If this passes, we will only have five minutes to ask any questions about each clause. Again, this impacts 2.3 million gun owners, their families, hundreds of millions of dollars of the economy, tens of thousands of jobs, centuries of culture and heritage in Canada.”

“I can’t stress that enough,” she reiterated.

“We’re in a public safety crisis in this country because of repeat violent offenders that the liberals keep letting out of jail,” Dancho said Monday.

That same day in Edmonton, Alberta, a violent, repeat offender with mental health issues brutally stabbed a mother and her 11-year-old daughter to death outside Crawford Plains School.

“This is a dangerous individual that took two lives in Edmonton. That shouldn’t happen,” said Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee.

“This is becoming far too common,” Chief McFee said. “There were multiple intervention points, multiple opportunities to hold the suspect accountable and provide him the professional support required to manage his behaviour.”

But the system once again failed.”

“Let me be clear,” he said. “Everyone in Edmonton should be impacted by this. Everyone in this city should feel the unthinkable loss of a mother and child. I know everyone at EPS does.”

“This is Liberal Canada, Madam Speaker,” Raquel Dancho said, where “it’s [more] important to go after lawful gun owners” than to stop violent repeat offenders from harming innocent Canadians.

“We are facing very serious issues,” Dancho said, “yet the Liberal budget 2023 failed to address those violent crime issues. In fact, they didn’t mention violent crime. It was not mentioned once.”

“You want to know what else wasn’t mentioned in that budget, Madam Speaker? Bail reform. Bail reform … has not been mentioned in the priorities of that budget from the Minister of Public Safety, despite the fact that all premiers of every province and territory in Canada have written two letters now to the Prime Minister demanding bail reform because [of] what is happening in their provinces and territories.

"Will the brutal murder of a mother and her 11-year-old daughter outside an Edmonton school be the tragedy that finally forces Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take bail reform seriously?

"Will this mother and child simply be two more added to the litany of deaths caused by this Liberal government’s refusal to act in the interests of Canadians?

“Or is he and this Liberal government simply too blinded by their hatred of ordinary Canadians who own and use their firearms responsibly to feed their families and protect their livestock?”

Despite Raquel Dancho’s valiant efforts to bring common sense to bear in the House of Commons, the Liberal government’s motion of closure passed 173 to 146, thanks to Jagmeet Singh

The Liberals and their NDP lapdogs succeeded in shutting down debate of Bill C-21, a bill that cannot prevent a single drug dealer or gang member from obtaining an illegal gun because it is focused entirely on law-abiding Canadians.

The CSSA extends our deepest condolences to the family, friends and community of the mother and daughter slain in Edmonton on Monday.

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