Canadian Nightmare 🇨🇦

Sir, IMHO, not sure if your realize this , but, when I claw back up this post, your contradicting yourself with the JT - Castro comments.

No matter. It’s what is happening right now on the ground that counts.

There is an up hill battle. I recently watched videos of JT carousing across the western Provinces, sucking up on other issues, all of which are important as well.

BUT… I’m waiting on the fence to see how much the opposition Provinces believe the Lib, BS, especially from someone that cannot answer a simple “yes or no” to a question in the parliament debates. I watched several debates, then just plain realized I am completely wasting my time. And this is not meant to be a political debate, just saying, need to adhere to the Forum Guidelines as best a possible.

Uh, Moose… That first post was obvious sarcasm. Trudy Castro looks IDENTICAL to Fidel Castro and Justine’s mom was a known slut who slept around a LOT. Coupled with the Trudeau’s visit to Cuba roughly 9 months before Justine’s birth…

Its blatantly obvious. As obvious as my kid being my son just from looks alone. Heck every guy in my family looks like every other guy in my family going back generations.

…and yet Trudy Castro doesn’t look like his father?

Or how about this one?

All these elites are degenerates.

Once we figure out that the people who rule over us are the absolute wrong people to do so everything can be fixed overnight.


Fair enough, well put.
I wish our electoral system was more similar to the US.
Hard to change the captain of the ship here, but I know you know the process well.
Let’s see what the next few months will bring, and I hope it’s not as grim as you paint it.


I don’t have high hopes. There’s a pattern to this that just screams total war to me and this time I don’t think North America will be spared.

On the bright side we’ll all have a really cool collection of UN gear when it’s all over. Sure it’ll have a hole here or there but that just adds character

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Jean this is article I noticed this mourning another for you to check out. Probably already know it. :wink: It was long so I shortened it to get to the point. Not sure who this reporter is either but I"m guessing you would. :grinning:


Anthony Furey
February 12, 2023Updated: February 13, 2023

China’s ‘Unidentified Objects’ Over North America: Let’s Talk About Canada’s Defence Capabilities

So it wasn’t that much of a shocker to learn that a second “unidentified object” appeared over Canadian airspace on the afternoon of Feb. 11.

“I ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted to Twitter. “NORAD Command shot down the object over the Yukon. Canadian and U.S. aircraft were scrambled, and a U.S. F-22 successfully fired at the object.”

Trudeau then posted: “I spoke with President Biden this afternoon. Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the wreckage of the object. Thank you to NORAD for keeping the watch over North America.”

The object was shot down over central Yukon, a short distance from the Canada–U.S. border.

Defence Minister Anita Anand then gave a press conference later on Feb. 11, describing it as a “high-altitude airborne object” and explaining that “it was visually identified using NORAD fighter aircraft.” Anand said she wouldn’t be “speculating on the origins of this object” as it was “far too early in our analysis of the debris as we are still collecting.”

Yet all signs point to this being a repeat of the Chinese spy balloon.

Experts and gadflies on social media teased Trudeau’s posts because they seemed so presidential, as if Canada has total control over our skies and a military comparable to America’s. We obviously don’t.

Canada wouldn’t have handled this incident alone, and the shooting down of this object was no doubt first given the OK by the U.S. government before Trudeau then gave it his symbolic approval.

But all teasing aside, the question of Canada’s defense capabilities is a serious one. If we are entering a new era marked by geopolitical uncertainty and increasingly frosty relations with China—and all signs indicate that we are—then our defense matters more than it has in decades.

The general public isn’t talking about the issue enough. Our politicians and bureaucrats don’t feel the pressure on this file.

The discussion around how much of a prolonged ordeal it’s been to replenish our fighter jets has mostly focused on it being a bureaucratic boondoggle. But it’s also a national security boondoggle. Any decision that kicks the can down the road for another year or two is actually a decision that places our nation’s security at risk.

The F-35 procurement process was first announced in 2010, and it wasn’t until late last year that the Department of National Defence received approval to spend $7 billion on 16 F-35s. That’s the time span of the Second World War twice over just to purchase a little over a dozen jets. Heaven help us.

Canada’s current procurement of Navy and Coast Guards vessels is trending along similar lines. The national shipbuilding strategy, taken together, is the single largest expense the federal government has ever undertaken. The public generally isn’t aware of it though, and politicians don’t seem too focused on responsibly managing the file.

I’m telling ya seems like America and Canada are both drinking out of the same koolaid jar sometimes.


Thanks you sir, I read this twice, so very informative.
Keep them coming, and keep then candid and transparent, its all good.
Your spot on as always, we need to watch each others backs, especially in any event, as always, going forward.


And then this BS, right out of no where and right under our eye. UNBELIEVABLE.
Just when there is a shed of hope, we get Sh$#@ on yet again.
Check this out, just arrived from the Team CSSA, news release.
Sorry for the lengthy read…

Liberal Gun Confiscation Plan Moving Forward

A secret document from Public Safety Canada reveals just how badly every level of government is willing to betray us.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will move forward with its diabolical plan to confiscate and destroy your guns.

The following provincial governments have betrayed you and your interests by holding “encouraging discussions” to confiscate your private property on behalf of the federal government:



Nova Scotia

British Columbia

The police services of ten cities across Canada – including Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Saint John, Halifax, and Charlottetown – are willing to betray you and confiscate your lawfully-owned property.

Public Safety says it held “encouraging discussions” over jurisdictional specifics, costs to implement the program in a jurisdiction, and what would be required to partner in the delivery of the Program.

Trudeau never offers to pay for anything unless you agree to his conditions. We saw that with his so-called “health care deal”. Trudeau will only give – aka, borrow more billions so he can buy support from premiers – if they agree to unspecified requirements “to partner in the delivery of the Program?

As is typical for Justin Trudeau’s government, consultations with First Nations are an afterthought. While timelines are in place to confiscate guns from businesses and individuals, they haven’t even started speaking with Indigenous leaders.

Engagement with Indigenous communities will also be initiated shortly to more fully understand their concerns and unique considerations…

The Public Safety document promises that confiscating your guns “will not take officers away from the important work they do every day to keep Canadians safe.”

This type of half-truth is Trudeau’s hallmark.

The Public Safety document clearly states “that RCMP resources will be augmented to safely deliver the Firearms Buyback Program and those resources will be fully funded by the Government of Canada.”

No, Trudeau won’t take existing police officers away from their front-line policing duties because Trudeau will spend billions to hire a Gun Confiscation Squad to confiscate your guns instead.

It’s a national disgrace that the RCMP chose the role of Quisling to thousands of law-abiding Canadians.

In just seven short years, Justin Trudeau has doubled the national debt of every Prime Minister before him combined. He makes his father look like a rank amateur, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s failed fiscal policies almost bankrupted Canada.

And Justin will happily borrow more billions to pay for his Gun Confiscation Squads, too.

Some details remain unclear.

“Public Safety has also been discussing partnerships with industry to reduce the burden on police resources. It is anticipated that collection from businesses – including collection, transport, destruction, and payment – would be handled primarily by an industry partner under contract.”

Which industry? Firearms? Security? Private contractors?

We don’t know.

What we do know is that existing business inventory, including collection, transport, destruction, and payment, will begin mid-2023, according to this document.

We know that the collection, transport and destruction of firearms from individuals is scheduled to begin in “the second half of 2023.”

Firearms Confiscation Compensation will (perhaps) be paid at an unspecified date after that.

There’s a lot to unpack from a short, two-page document, but we will end with this terrible portend for the future of our sport, our culture and our way of life.

“…we are encouraged by the number of jurisdictions who have expressed an interest in partnering on the delivery of this important Program.”

Anything that encourages Justin Trudeau’s government isn’t good for firearms owners, our culture and our way of life.

Gangs and other violent repeat criminals won’t be stopped by any of this because they can’t be stopped by this. It’s not directed at them. It’s directed at you and every other federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted firearms owner.

If you live in one of the cities and/or provinces listed above, contact your elected representatives and politely suggest they may not want their constituents – honest, decent Canadians like you – to hold them accountable for their betrayal of you and your interests in the next election.

Be polite, but firm when you write or call them, but write or call them today.

Trudeau’s government rescinded his list of amendments to Bill C-21 because of public opposition.

By working together, we can force him to back down again.

But this can happen only if we call and write every one of our elected representatives at the local and provincial level today.

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You can always vote communism in but never out.

This crap is coordinated world wide. I strongly suggest you guys all have mysterious boating accidents where you loose all your guns.

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So much for SOLIDARITY…
Taken directly from the CCFR Week in Review.
See below, updated mandate on the Buy Back scandal…

Federal government advances gun confiscation program

In a document acquired by the CCFR, which appears to be an outline or agenda for an upcoming meeting between the Public Safety Minister and his provincial counterparts, the plans for the buyback are laid out.

The document states that the meeting, taking place Feb 21-22, 2023, will update provincial counterparts on the advancement and implementation of the “buyback program” - the government’s confiscation plan for legal guns bought by licensed owners.

Alberta has been the leader among provinces in objecting to this massive overreach from Ottawa and protecting Albertans property rights, but the agenda shows that both Calgary and Edmonton are working with the federal Liberals on the buyback municipally.

This will come as a shock to many Albertans.

Other cities working with the Liberals to implement the buyback confiscation program are; Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Saint John, Halifax and Charlottetown.

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This is going to get interesting. I hope freedom loving Canadians will stand their ground, not be bullied and tell Trudouche to go pound salt. OOMCDH.


Another update from the CSSA eNEWS…
Here is the article, summed up…
“But nobody wants to hear facts”

What’s Wrong With Canadians?

Not you.

You understand that reducing sentences for violent criminal offences and gun smuggling doesn’t stop violent criminals or prevent gang shootings.

You comprehend that pointless gestures like Justin Trudeau’s bans on firearms owned by licensed firearms owners is beyond useless at stopping drug-fueled, gang-related shootings.

You know that gang violence will never be stopped no matter how many rifles or shotguns Trudeau confiscates from hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

We’re talking about the rest of our country-men and -women who don’t know anything about guns or the hoops we all jump through so politicians can pander to their irrational fear.

Those Canadians don’t know (or care) at all about our long-standing culture of safety or our nearly unblemished safety record at shooting clubs and ranges all across Canada.

All they know is they are afraid.

Because they’re so afraid, they willingly and blindly believe the first politician who says he (or she) can take away their fear.

That lying politician points the finger at us, calls us names and says we’re the reason drug dealers and gangs shoot up our cities with shocking regularity.

They believe the lying and unprincipled politician, so those Canadians dump all their fear, all their paranoia, and all their ignorance on our shoulders, and blame us for every ounce of it.

Opportunistic politicians like Justin Trudeau and his cabinet of virtue-signalling, do-nothing, do-gooders are thrilled to pander to their ignorance and their fear and happily make promise after unfulfilled promise.

And our uninformed and fear-filled fellow Canadians fall for it every single time.

All we ever wanted was to be left alone.

A whole branch of the CSSA exists because generations of ignoramuses like Justin Trudeau, Marco Mendicino, Bill Blair and the rest of his sociopathic government monsters (ministers) kept telling the generations of uninformed and fear-filled Canadians that they would solve all of their problems and take away all their fear and uncertainty.

Those opportunistic and agenda-driven politicians passed law after useless law down through the decades, knowing they will never stop the violence.

How could they possibly?

Every one of their useless restrictions and their even more useless laws are pointed at the most law-abiding segment of Canadians possible – federally-licensed RCMP-vetted firearm owners. Statistics Canada data shows we’re far safer than serving police officers.

But nobody wants to hear facts.

So we, being good citizens and good neighbours, jumped through ever more and ever higher hoops while the real problem – the gang thugs who murdered 17-year-old Jonathan Davisat Weston Collegiate Institute in Toronto – is repeatedly ignored by every level of government.

Lip service is paid to “stopping the flow of illegal guns” but the border is as porous as it ever was, and the political class steadfastly refuses to do anything about the epidemic of criminals already saddled with Firearms Prohibition Orders who are released (or never serve a day in prison to begin with) only to get their hands on more illegal guns so they can shoot up our cities, our towns and our villages, and kill more Canadians every week.

And every time another drug or gang thug shoots another innocent Canadian, politically opportunistic lying politicians like Justin Trudeau and his merry band of virtue signallers point their deceitful fingers at us as they pass another useless regulation, another Order in Council or another law (sometimes all three) that will NEVER stop drug dealers and gangs from committing their violence.

All so they can reassure the uninformed and fearful Canadians who Trudeau counts on for votes because he knows it works.

All governments at all levels love to be “seen to be doing something” about drug- and gang-fueled violence, but the politician willing to stand up to the stupidity of our Liberal government’s irrational and useless policies are truly few and far between.

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Canadians are screwed, millions being spent on health care just give up your rights to access it.


One hell of a roller coaster ride lately. Up hill for law abiding citizens and down hill for some selected elected officials.
This person really has it spot on. Just leave it be…

Grassroots Political Action: Another CSSA Member Does It Right

The letter below is from one of our members, Irene K. She is rightfully upset that her premier, Ontario’s Doug Ford, isn’t lifting a finger to defend her rights and her property from the federal government, which intends to confiscate her legally owned, legally acquired private property.

This is a great example of our members engaging their elected representatives and politely but firmly demanding they do their job and protect the rights of those they swore to represent.

If you live in Saskatchewan or Alberta, write a letter thanking your premier for defending you and your firearms from Justin Trudeau’s federal government.

For the rest of Canada, use Irene’s letter as the spark to write your own letter to your premier. Politely demand your premier look at Saskatchewan’s Bill 117, an Act Respecting Saskatchewan Firearms, and use it as a model for the legislative defence of firearms and firearms owners in your province.

Letter submitted by Irene K. [last name withheld by request]


Dear Premier Ford,

What are you doing to protect my rights and my legally obtained property?

As a licensed firearm owner, I am concerned about the recent government proposals that threaten to confiscate my legally obtained property and infringe upon my rights.

As a law-abiding citizen, I have undergone a rigorous process of background checks, tests, and licensing to legally obtain my firearms. I’ve done everything the government asked of me, so I expect that my rights will be respected and protected.

Please tell me why you are not standing up for my rights?

Why you are allowing the Government of Canada to steal my legally obtained property?

Would you stand idly by and watch the federal government confiscate motor vehicles from Ontarians without compensation?

According to statistics from December 26, 2022, there were 23,689 car accidents resulting in personal injury, with 505 deaths as a result of these accidents.

The majority of those killed were drivers, with 342 deaths, and the second largest demographic of victims were pedestrians, with 116 fatalities.

The latest data I could find for Ontario says 127 people were killed by a firearm, one quarter the loss of life caused by vehicles.

Motor vehicles kill far more people each year than guns, so why is this significant issue – deaths by motor vehicles – not adequately addressed by your government or any other level of government?

I took classes, a test and passed a practical exam to become a licensed DRIVER.

I obtained my vehicle legally.

As a licensed driver who obtained my vehicle legally, I believe that my rights by law and property should be protected, just as my firearms should be.

I took classes, a written and practical test to become a licensed firearm owner.

The process is identical for cars and guns (more stringent background checks for gun owners), yet you’re not lifting a finger to protect my property rights on guns.

If the federal government said it would confiscate your legally-acquired CAR, would you take a stand for personal property then, Premier Ford?

I find it distressing that the government seems to focus solely on confiscating firearms yet neglects the significant risks posed by other private property, such as vehicles.

As a personal support worker and office manager for a not-for-profit organization, I am a responsible citizen who contributes positively to my community.

I expect that my rights will be respected and that the government will not infringe upon my legal rights to own firearms.

I urge you to stand up for the rights of licensed firearm owners and to ensure that our legally obtained property is not confiscated by the federal government.

Saskatchewan is protecting their citizens through legislation. So is Alberta.

You can, too.

So I ask you again, Premier Ford, what are you doing to protect my rights and my legally obtained property?


Irene K.

This is Ford

Here is what he promised…
Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives cruised to a second majority government in Ontario, the CBC News decision desk projected Thursady, on a night that saw both the NDP and Liberal leaders resign their posts.

The PCs will send 83 MPPs to Queen’s Park, winning about 40.8 per cent of the popular vote share, albeit with roughly 414,000 fewer total votes than in 2018.

That’s up from the 67 seats they held when the legislature dissolved in May and the 76 ridings the party took in the last election. It is a rare electoral feat for a provincial party in Canada to expand a majority.

“Thank you for your trust and thank you for once again putting your confidence in me,” Ford said during a victory speech to supporters in Toronto.

“It’s a responsibility that I will never take lightly. But most importantly, thank you for sharing in the vision for our great province.”

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Dude’s got a very punchable face…just sayin’…


So the french president (Ab)used special powers to get this through parliament, seems the same tactic as that idiot did in your parliament with the truckers strike.

Abuse of power it’s everywhere,


The French retirement age is 62 which is economically unsustainable given current life expectancy. And unlike our system which was NEVER intended to sustain a retirement by itself, the French benefits are far more generous.


The age is irrelevant, the use of unconstitutional and un democratic special measures is, when you know it would be down voted.
Dont make me use the Fat squirrel card :rofl:


I get your point about procedure but all governments ultimately must face the entitlement issue. It is the third rail in American politics, but I would gladly vote for anyone with the balls to propose a realistic plan. Absent that, the programs will become insolvent and millions of retirees will face draconian cuts in benefits. I have for the last thirty years assumed an absence of balls and prepared myself but most lack that luxury.


In the US anyone under 50 that assumes social security will be there when they retire is an idiot.

That said it seems every politician in an executive role is drunk on power. Canadian Castro is among the worst. I sincerely hope you guys get rid of him.