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Folks here on the M*CARBO Forum, thanks for persevering with this topic of up most importance to millions of Canadians.

I found this letter of interest taken directly form the TEAM CSSA eNEWS letter sent to me recently.

I think its a good read and sums things up very well, especially on the history of turning over firearms to a government mandate, but also the compensation.

Unfortunately for the governmental power to be… Canadian’s are onto your non-forthcomings and lies, proven over and over and over again through history, undeniably.

Dear friends in P.E.I., I have visited several times, worked with you in the oilfields in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C. I was shocked and saddened to hear that Trudeau’s first target to remove lawfully owned property is your home.

I remember when they banned machine guns and law-abiding citizens turned them in, to be compensated “later.” But of course they went back on their promise and gun owners got nothing. Our politicians and RCMP stated in the House of Commons that the records from the long gun registry had been destroyed. Then they charged a sportsman in Alberta using the records which were never destroyed but kept in Quebec. They have lied and broken the law repeatedly but hold us to a higher standard. The fact is a legal gun owner is one-sixth as likely to commit a crime as a police officer.

I have never been treated better anywhere, or had such good experiences with teammates as from P.E.I. I don’t believe that I will be safer for them taking your legally purchased, or heirloom firearms for pennies on the dollar if you are compensated at all. We saw the numbers proposed for different guns, about one-third of their cost. They haven’t offered compensation for scopes, ammunition and reloading equipment, which will be worthless without the hunting rifles to use with them. I know they are picking on you because you are the smallest number of gun owners and have restricted access to travel without checkpoints on your trip.

I urge you to talk to your MPs and local politicians to urge them to represent you before you lose your property. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and NWT are creating laws to protect law-abiding residents. I hope you are successful, too! Best regards.

Scott Jeffery,

Lethbridge, Alta.


You guys do know how the American Revolution started, right? It wasn’t tea. It wasn’t taxes. They first banned guns.

So we shot them.


That didn’t happen till 1775…
Prior to that:

The crown felt the colonies should pay them for “protection” during the French-Indian Wars (started 1754ish)

Multiple taxes (Stamp Act ring a bell?)

Townshend Act

The Boston Massacre, blockade and other taxes

The Intolerable Acts

All these and more before 1775 when King George made his his first order for seizure of any and all firearms imported to the colonies.

Now…it was being discussed as early as 1768 (which is still after some of the above items), but no real action was taken by the British with only one report being found that states people were being disarmed and the authenticity of that report has always been doubted as an early form of psy-ops.


While your version is factually correct I still prefer my version.

So there.

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Folks, I knew it, I knew it, shaping up to be a multi-faceted affair at best.
It was plain and simple from the start, exceptions are being thrown on the table.
This whole this is BS. IMHO
Here is some recent proof of that and some comments.
Sorry about the long read, scroll to the bottom, the comments are really spot on.

It’s been a learning experience, minister says

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says he’s learned a lot from talks with Yukon gun owners last week,

By Ethan Lycan-Lang on January 23, 2023

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says he’s learned a lot from talks with Yukon gun owners last week, and it’ll be affecting the shape of a federal bill on gun control that some Yukoners have criticized for ignoring northern ways of life.

Bill C-21 proposes, among other things, a ban on more than 1,500 firearms country-wide.

Recent amendments to the bill, which originally focused on handguns, could make long guns used in hunting and sport here in the Yukon illegal.

Mendicino visited the territory last week to respond to concerns over the ban, and learn how firearms are used in northern communities.

He said he met with the Canadian Rangers, Yukon Fishing and Game Association, local government, Council of Yukon First Nations leaders and a variety of gun owners at a roundtable meeting last Thursday, all to discuss how Bill C-21 could impact life and industry here.

“Getting out on the land,” Mendicino said in an interview Friday afternoon, “I was able to experience, along with members of the community, how firearms are used safely and responsibly.”

Mendicino acknowledged firearms are a part of the “fabric” of northern life. “And I was able to experience that first hand,” he said.

“It’s my commitment to take that perspective and work it into the ongoing study of Bill C-21,” he said.

The bill is currently under committee review and awaiting a third reading in the House of Commons.

An amendment to the bill introduced late last year went beyond a handgun ban to include long guns like rifles and shotguns.

Fears that this amendment could make firearms used to hunt and protect against wildlife in remote northern communities led Yukon MP Brendan Hanley to say he couldn’t support his own party’s bill in its current form.

“We’ve been able to clarify that there is space in which we can create exemptions that are aligned and respectful to the northern realities on the land and to have an important conversation with First Nations because this bill is going to be passed in a way that is consistent with the principles of reconciliation,” Mendicino said.

He said he and Hanley had made good progress.

Hanley told the Star Friday he’s been assured First Nations rights for hunting won’t be affected by the ban.

He said Mendicino also committed to protecting fundamental hunting rights for all Canadians. Gun ban exemptions for sport, hunting and collecting are on the table, Hanley said.

“I’m very happy that the minister found the time and he responded to my request to come here,” Hanley said, saying the Yukon’s voice was heard and he’s confident it will find its way into a revised bill later this month. “But it’s not the end of the conversation.”

Speaking of exemptions, Mendicino said identifying guns important to Yukon industries and communities and seeing if they can be removed from a ban list in some way is a big part of the work that will come from last week’s meetings.

“We’re gonna work very closely with hunters, trappers, First Nations, to scope that work out,” he told the Star.

“The ability to use firearms safely and responsibly for food security, for self-protection and preservation, while in the land are all things that we can accomplish, while at the same time trying to reduce gun violence.”

Mendicino noted that a gun ban isn’t the only measure being taken to reduce gun violence.

He said the government is spending $450 million at the Canadian border to prevent illegal sales and smuggling.

He also noted nearly $1 million in federal funding going to Whitehorse for community programs to prevent youth from getting involved in crime.

Increased mental health care, he said, is another part of the federal government’s approach to gun crime prevention.

Mendicino said he doesn’t expect to come back with a revised bill that gun owners will totally agree with, but he hopes to change it so northern ways of life are protected without sacrificing public safety.


Steve on Jan 28, 2023 at 4:31 am

As a legal gun owner still pretty concerned by the his comments. There are more than just the northern communities that us guns for hunting and sporting. Hunters and sport shooting is a bigger sport than golf. Hunters help keep the wildlife populations in balance in southern Ontario. An exemption for sport shooting, how hard will that be too get. The main point though is this whole bill will cost 100 of billions of dollars and do nothing to reduce gun crimes in Canada. The criminals don’t follow the laws to begin with adding more won’t change anything. Use the money to add more scanners at points of entry along with agents. That will not only stop the guns but also drugs and human trafficking. This bill has changed so much its ridiculous. It started with assault style weapons which assault weapons have been prohibited for decades now. It then morphed into a handgun freeze and now non restricted longuns. The term variant can mean a lot of things and can be used to reclasify many firearms. We seen this happen with the assult style weapons, the list far exceeds 1500 guns. Not to mention how does a bill become legal before is passed royal ascent. By the way none of my firearms are weapons. I have never used them for bodily harm to humans. I use them as tools to compete in sport shooting and to control wildlife populations while providing food for my family.

Shannon on Jan 25, 2023 at 3:38 am

Scrap c21 all together. Put all the buyback money into policing and border security. This is an uncalled for attack on legal gun owners. Using terms like “assault style weapons” to confuse non gun owners is classic 100% disinformation. That’s like a Honda civic with a Ferrari body kit and calling it a Ferrari.


They know this, yet follow the same course . Thats how we know it isnt the criminals theyre after !


Things are really getting interesting these past few months, expecially since aboriginal folks are becoming more actively engaged. I knew it was just a matter of time. Now, the next few months should be interesting. Lets see who gets a free pass and who doesn’t. IMHO as always.
Opposition is starting to turn the tide in the interest of the folks affected.
Also, public attention has legal firearm owners more motivated to stay informed.


It usually does when it hits them personally & where they live, not so much when it’s the other person. Never criminals because they’ll break the law anyway. :thinking:


A step in the right direction…

BREAKING: Liberals withdraw amendments from Bill C21 that would have banned thousands of rifles and shotguns

Today in the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), the Liberal government asked for unanimous consent to withdraw the controversial amendments (G4, G46) from Bill C21.

G4 was the amendment that defined what assault “style” firearms are, even though that’s a manufactured term with no real meaning. The amendment equated to a sweeping semi-auto gun ban. Amendment G46 was “the list” - over 300 pages of guns being added to the ban, or previously banned through regulation. They were hoping to codify these long gun bans in legislation, making it very difficult for a future government to reverse.

The shocking withdrawal came after massive push back from the CCFR and our members, hunters, hunting groups and their members, The Assembly of First Nations, sport shooters and even NDP and Liberal Members of Parliament. While the House of Commons is typically quiet over the winter break with MPs heading back to their constituency offices for local matters, MPs from all parties seemed to keep the debate on these amendments alive.

While this is, in general, good news for licensed gun owners across the country - this is not a win in the sense of the battle being over. In fact, far from it. It is imperative we continue to push with the same vigour and force to ensure C21 is scrapped in its entirety. Don’t forget there is still the airsoft ban, the handgun freeze and a variety of other measures still within C21 itself.

While we regroup and focus our efforts on scrapping the rest of C21 and working on our federal court challenge against the 2020 gun ban, we want to thank everyone who helped write letters to their MPs, engaged on social media and helped fight this amendment. We MUST maintain this level of unity because they will never stop banning guns from legal owners.

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Never give up & never give in. :disguised_face:


I thought it was already a done deal. Glad to see it wasn’t!



Yes Bill C21 was implemented on Law abiding folks that for what ever reason have firearms on the original Bill C21. The Liberal Government just kept building the list and finding ways to pass them. I am glad this BS takeaway has at least idling for now. It’s really obvious, everything up to now has been pre orchestrated.