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No Coincidence the Liberals are Trying to Grab Guns While Taking Away Free Speech

One of the best arguments that firearm rights in Canada are absolutely fundamental freedoms and the government knows it, is the lockstep timing of the Liberals’ newest attacks on Canadian gun owners (Bill C-21) paired with their proposal for new legislation to undermine free speech rights (Bill C-36).

Governments don’t push out legislation in a random fashion, with each new bill having nothing to do with one another, rather everything proposed and passed around the same time tends to feed into the same immediate agenda. Clearly, the Liberals, and their NDP allies, recent agenda since the beginning of 2020, has been the consolidation of power over the Canadian public.

The National Telegraph reached out to Rod Giltaca, the CEO and Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights, for comment on the degrading state of rights and freedoms in Canada, in relation to the issue of firearms.

Giltaca stated that:

Despite what many anti-gun folks say, firearm ownership may legitimately be a right for Canadians because we should be able to own things and not be deprived of them without factual justification.This is the idea behind property rights.

In response to the developments on the undermining of free speech rights, Giltaca responded by acknowledging the deliberate attempt in Canada by leftist governments to culturally undermine rights before officially taking them away.

Giltaca explained that:

Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen an increasing disregard on behalf of the government when it comes to fundamental rights. Whether it’s property rights, free speech, or the completely reasonable idea that you can defend yourself from violent attacks, the government seems to put a significant amount of effort into convincing people they shouldn’t have any rights at all. Unfortunately, many Canadians now agree with the government on this topic.

It would be proactive for those advocating against the ongoing Liberal gun-grabbing and strict regulations to make the well-evidenced case that firearms rights and free speech rights are connected, and even those Canadians who aren’t firearms owners have a stake in upholding the right to gun ownership in Canada.

If one fundamental freedom goes then the others will surely follow.

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And the best way to insure that is to take the firearms from the citizens first.


And there is no denying that fact proven already as other countries same fate.