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Indeed, allowing the protests is another pacifier, it makes people think their voices are being heard, gives them hope of affecting change. Bloomberg’s money bought Virginia, and he got his money’s worth. Yeah, the same guy that goes NOWHERE without a team of armed bodyguards…seems what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander after all, eh?

He keeps playing his game the way he is, he might just need those bodyguards…

No need for sorry with me, boss. I get where you’re coming from…

But I’ll button my lip now as well, not interested in getting in trouble with the mods and I know this is a business-connected forum, first and foremost. Don’t want to do bad by MCARBO. :+1:


Every person on this planet as soon as they were born had the right defend his or her family and belongings with whatever weapons system they choose as far as I see it. And if you’re trying to take that ability away from me then you can’t be trusted and should have your power and authority removed. It’s that simple for me


The next demoncrat president will pass the same laws in the US by presidential decree. It’s been done before & will happen so plan accordingly Now not in December 2020. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.


Just want to agree with @DirtSalior for anyone reading. Citizen acceptance of being stripped of liberties during this 2020 Pandemic will result in plainer and bolder attacks on liberties going forward.

I may be protecting myself, but I’m appreciating all the civil unrest going on in this nations liberal fiefdoms. I am ever thankful that my Governor respects the people and the constitution.


They are not welcome in Texas as a matter of fact, Trump took care of that.

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Pretty sure it doesn’t allow the states to pen laws that superseded the Constitution and Bill of Rights, though…and many currently do…

This is not correct. If you’re going to get pedantic, get your facts straight.



Exactly why are they not welcome in the great state of Texas? Enquiring minds want to know.


No, I didn’t. And your second sentence is evidence to my point. Their laws are NOT legal at the Federal level, mainly because they superseded the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And it isn’t just those states…

Actually, I think you should “look it up” again. I don’t need to.

Oh, and before you get too far into trying to light people up in here, I should warn you that type of thing doesn’t go over well on these boards. There are other places for that rubbish on the internet.


I SOO much agree,.@Spike1257 does not even realize his signature on most everything he has ever signed has tied his liability to a corporation.


@Turmeric1 At the moment, I’m more interested in the fact that he’s been a member here for over a year and it would appear that all but two of his total posts are in this thread…the purpose of which is questionable (his posts, not the thread)…


Your wasting your time Chili, that’s so very apparent at this time !


I am curious if he might be a FED. He seems to me to want to build cases against everyone. Seems like fishin’ to me…
You see where I removed a post ?

For 12 yrs I was involved in Ohio. and saw 3 of my friends SHOT. 2 put in jail and one poisoned

One friend, I helped build a kit log cabin. 9 months later he was dead on his way back from a funeral of a friend of ours.


Are you a FED ? Come on fess up.
IMO, @Rob2 was doing a service and that asshole @Spike1357 made it into a witch hunt.

I am glad to see the brotherhood stand up and act accountable enough to keep things light and informative. @Spike1357 will get his dues in time.

WE DO NOT have to support derision HERE !
NOW back to more relative things. GOD BLESS our brothers in the GREAT WHITE NORTH :canada: :canada: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle. I pray, ya’ll do not have to suffer this for very long.


Hello all, this is my 1st post and its SPOT ON good timing. I’m proud to be a member here and wanted to TYVM for your CDN support. The uncertainties and the chaotic state of our CND gun laws reflected in the next 6 months should be interesting! I’ll do my best to keep you posted…


PLease go to the thread to introduce yourself. I do believe I speak for us all go to the first ime posting of your self. LET US LEARN !!


Thanks for the heads up on that Tumeric1 et al, I’ve completed my introduction as required.
Much appreciated.


Proud to have ya’ Get on !!!


Really? Not the way I read it…but then again, you have the PhD, so what would I know…

That said, I have no more minutes of my life to waste dealing with you. Think you need to check your facts.


Kudos on your trolling technique. But trolling is easy when you aren’t encumbered by limiting factors like “truth” and “honesty.”


MR. word Pedanic ?
Is that a disaese ?