M*CARBO Brotherhood

Can you make something like this?

not the rail but the magazine cap.
sorry for the ugly photoshop thingy though.
I don’t like the current Mossberg 590 shockwave magazine cap.
it looks like nipples.
is there a way that you can CNC the new cap that looks like the one in Kel tec ksg?
unlike my photoshop the length might be the same as the nozzle.
so many people recently purchased the Mossberg 590 shockwave, I am sure some people might want to purchase this accessory.
if you really wanna put some kind of function, maybe this can be a magazine extender
but I just wanna buy it for style.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, primetuna. You might want to address this directly to @ChrisNelson - he’s the guy who could make this happen.


hey thanks a lot!!!


but I don’t know how to.



When you use ‘@’ with a person’s nick they’re notified the next time they read the forum. If I use @primetuna in a post, you get notified. Use @chr… and a list of nicknames matching those three letters pop up - just select the one you want to address your post to.


@primetuna welcome to the forum