Can we have a personal conversation about what lube you use?

Shows what you know. Been married for 11 years and with her for almost 25 and have a 7.5 year old boy.


They always say never store guns and ammo together…That’s why I have a closet half full of ammo cans.

Is this the stuff?


Different can but I think so.

OK, I’ll order a can. I don’t have any problem guns, but I have an AR-15 I just finished building, my first time to completely build it from stripped upper and lower receivers. In the past I have only just slapped together a barreled upper with a already built lower. This one I installed a barrel for the first time, and built the lower from a parts kit. I also installed a piston system on it instead of a gas tube, with a special bolt carrier, no direct gas impingement. I’m going to Frog Lube that one when I get the stuff next week. It has never been lubed except the anti seize I used on the barrel threads. The upper is an Anderson and it came in a retail package with a note saying that what they use to finish the aluminum needs NO lubrication because it’s so hard. It will get Frog Lube for its first test. I have my Ruger GP100 I just finished installing the M-CARBO kit on, but it would not work with the new trigger return spring, I had to put the old one back, it’s a very long story, see my review on the website for the kit, it’s all polished and has a new mainspring I’ll use moly on that and see if the new spring will work, I will know as soon as I put it back together. And I have already lubed all of my Daggers, but not shot any of them yet. I’ll just keep them lubed with Break Free. I also have an AK pistol I haven’t shot yet either. I haven’t even broke it down yet. I’ll shoot it with whatever PSA lubed it with, it has some oil on the carrier and parts under the cover. Being disabled it’s hard for me to go to the range by myself, but I have plans to go shooting next week with my neighbor, I sold him my SCCY CPX-2 it has the M-CARBO performance kit installed, and I am teaching him how to shoot. It’s lubed with Break Free and a little of the PTFE grease on some of the trigger parts. This will probably take a few trips to the range, I’m going to a new one I’ve never been to. But my neighbor will help me carry stuff to the range. I will record the results.

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Birchwood Casey’s cans change all the time. I also ordered a can of their Gun Scrubber to get old lube off. There was at least 4 different designs on the cans in different sizes and sellers Nothing will be here until next week.

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