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California registration

Hi, I’m new here so apologies if this has been discussed…

Commiefornia is trying to ban AR Pistols, qualified by barrel length, etc.

How does the PC Sub-2000 apply to this? Are they registered as pistols? Or AOWs?

I’d love to get one eventually, but curious if there are issues in California.



The Sub-2000 is a PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine)…it fires a pistol caliber but has a butt stock and a barrel length of at least 16" making it a carbine (rifle). It is not a pistol.


It is a rifle. So CA will tag you for features. Miller v. Becera goes to trial in January. Hopefully the judgement will welcome y’all back into a Constitutional Republic.


Welcome aboard @jeffo. This is what a Kaliforniastan legal S2K looks like.


I love the vertical stabilizer behind the trigger. That will definitely save lifes. :roll_eyes:


And it makes a dandy rudder when it accidentally falls overboard in that tragic boating accident.


How the hell are you supposed to pull the bolt back… Cali and their asinine gun laws :clown_face:


Thanks for that case reference @Dred! I was not aware of it until now. Interesting stuff! Fingers crossed even Cali won’t cross that line! Then, there will be recent legal precedent to keep Beto, Joe, and Kamala from carrying out their threats to confiscate should they come into power. Not that it should be constitutionally necessary!




The wind will catch that vertical blade moving you off your intended target causing you to hit an innocent bystander so yes, it will save the criminals life. :thinking:


ACB and Trumps other two Picks getting on the Supreme Court will help protect us and the 2A as much as anything that any POTUS or politician could have done. Even his appointments to the Ninth Circuit have dramatically changed the face of that court.

As an ironic aside, I think it’s interesting that Obama was pleading for RBG to retire so he could fill her seat and she refused. All the talk you hear about judges and “changing the balance” lies squarely on her shoulders and decision to not step down when they had the chance to lock that seat up for decades to come. The anger about the whole situation was completely misplaced. But, like everyone on that side of the aisle, she was positive that HRC would win so it wasn’t a concern. For believers in the 2A, this clearly worked out in our favor. Ooooops.


5 months on and a few Supreme Court rulings later, it pretty well looks like not only are ACB, NG, and BK nothing more than neutered versions of their former pre-appointment selves, but Roberts is the new RGB…