California Legal Pistols CZ-97B

My goal for 2021 is to purchase within my California gun controlled state 1 new pistol every 30 days.

1st. CZ-75 SP01
Did the full MCARBO upgrade. Had a blast doing it and got hooked.
2nd. CZ-75 P01 de-cocker.
Full MCRBO upgrades available added.
3rd. S&W- Shield
Full MCARBO kit plus added an upgraded trigger
4th. CZ-97B. I have ordered the MCARBO spring kit. The one thing I did not get was the stainless steel guide rod and extra power recoil spring. It was not clear if what MCARBO has works with the 97B. Does anyone have any experience with the guide rod and spring replacement for the 97B?
5th ??? Any suggestions. I do want to get a CZ-P10 but that may have to wait until I get out of California. Would love to hear some thoughts on what may be a good selection for my next pistol.

Also I picked up a Sub2K this was a blast. I love shooting this and had a great time doing all of the upgrades. The only thing I have not done is the front site replacement.


Big Kat

I’m not familiar with the West coast laws and really have to work at keeping any where near close to our East coast laws.

You appear to like CZ pistols and so DO I. :grinning:

Here is one of my favorites you could check out.

I have a Sig MPX but for the money the CZ EVO is equivalent in my opinion. :wink:

It’s a billy bad ass firearm and you can get really sneaky with it if you get into a bad. predicament.

And a outstanding Back Pack Firearm,

Have fun with all those 30 day toys. :+1:



Don’t worry. My former free state of Virginia has joined your commie one gun a month club also. We now call Virginia, East California.


Welcome to the MC gang !


@Tipsovr The pro gun politicians should have fought for the “31 Day” concession. If a month has 31 days, you get two.

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Sadly, the leftists are overtaking us at a fast pace. There aren’t a lot of pro gun politicians in VA any longer. Our two senators are very anti-gun.


Only way to get a cz scorpion here in kommiefornia is as a rifle, with a fin grip, brake, and a pinned stock (no fold or lop adjustment). I love my scorpion, almost all hbi mods done. Fun little shooter.

I’d say for your 5th gun go 1911! Really like the Sig 1911, it ranks tied #1 with my sp-01.

@Tipsovr Even though I live in Texas I am very involved in the VCDL. Well… if donating lots of money means involved.
Make sure all your friends vote next cycle… voter apathy got VA where it is now. Take care…

Agreed on the apathy part. Thanks for being part of VCDL. I’ve been a member for years.

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