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Cacarno Rifles/Carbines from Ethiopia

Tiger Imports has brought in a large batch of Cacarno Rifles and Carbines from Ethiopia.

My Son picked up 2 91/28 carbines; 1 for him and 1 for me. (He’s a good boy, and he’s also an Active Duty Marine!)

The guns are in decent condition, with good bores. Stock shows the scars of war, but is serviceable. Cacanos for a bad rap for inaccuracy, but that’s because their bore is .628 while most 6.5 ammo available is .624 in diameter. Get the correct bullet size, and a Cacarno will shoot just fine. The worst shooting Cacarno is the 91/24, which were made by cutting down a full size rifle, which had “gain twist” rifling. Anyway, I like my gift.


Picked up a 91 TS from the batch of rifles that PSA had a couple months back,handy little rifle


The Cacarno my Son gave me is a 91/38. It’s a 1915 TS restocked with a vertical bayonet lug; i.e. a 91/38.

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