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Buttstock clearance for buffer assembly

All Things SUB-2000!
This is the Moodster. I just posted about a possible revision for the S2K safety and have a second post/solution regarding the great buttstock from M*CARBO. I had Kel Tec install the buttstock along with many other accessories. I ordered the recoil reducer after the gun had been returned and quickly discovered that the recoil pad comes all the way to the top of the buttstock and prevents the buffer assembly from coming out (without removing the buttstock). Solution: I cut the buttstock down 1/2 in to the top of the second rib with a multi-tool, smoothed it with a grinder and Dremmel and the buffer assembly now just slips out. My wife says the buttstock still looks ‘factory’ with the cut.


Unfortunately there isnt a great way to intergrate the folding function without doing that or just leaving it at the longest LOP adjustment. I wish there were other options, like i have in my brain, but dont have time to let out properly… dont ask.

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How about just a round butt stock, like 2" in diameter?