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Bush Nell 1x4x24 scope

Is anyone using this scope or something similar to this instead of iron or a red dot sight

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I don’t use that one specifically, but I do have several LPVOs in service:

1-8x24 on the 223 Wylde upper
1-4x24 on Blastphemy (45/70 lever gun)
1-4x24 on dedicated 22lr AR


Leupold AR 1.5-4X20 I use this on my AR-15. Great for close quarter and intermediate distance


Thank you. Have a red dot on my now.


You don’t mention the firearm and that is a consideration, especially with the S2K. Getting the scope far enough back for adequate eye relief is a problem with the Sub. MCarbo really should have designed the optic mount to align with the height and spacing of the existing top rail of the Sub. If so, it could support a rear optic ring or a red dot magnifier close enough to the eye to be viable.

That said, I use an inexpensive 1 x 4 scope on my Browning BL-22 lever action. I found I did not like the restricted field of view of a scope on my AR and returned to a red dot.


It’s a Ruger9mm carbine