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Burris Fastfire 3

you oldtimers will recognize the pistol as a Ruger Mk 1 with the A100 frame - '70s era
custom wood target grips
factory 5.5" barrel, Ruger adj target trigger - and about 100,000 rounds through it
my eyes are getting old, so I just assembled this tonight -
a Burris Fastfire 3 with the Ruger Mk adapter
easy installation - outline merges naturally with the Mk 1
will give you a range and sight in report tomorrow - it’s dark here now



Love the Bull barrel Mk1 's, got one like that, and a MKII taper… fastfire looks excellent on it…

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OK, here’s a couple photos with better lighting
hardest part was knocking the old sight out with a brass punch
you can see how the adapter base contours to the Ruger receiver perfectly
you don’t have to adjust centering of the sight - the mount does that for you
see how the white index line on the rear of the Fastfire lines up with the factory front site to give you a BUIS
the red dot is clear, with an auto brightness setting and 4 manual settings
on the Fastfire 3, the battery is changed from the top, no longer have to remove the site to change the battery
the mounting screws are to short to use with the enclosed lock washers, I just used blue locktight
just what I needed for these old eyes - I don’t use this for target shooting any longer, just poping beer cans
but I can now bounce beer cans around out at 50 yds again
this old Ruger Mk 1 has been with me since '81, and old friend! I didn’t want to retire just because my eyes were getting old
the wood thumb-rest grip is one of the custom grips from Hogue - fits the old Mk 1 A100 frame perfectly

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