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Bump Stocks Ban Appealed?

I think I’m posting this in the correct location. :thinking:

A federal appeals court Thursday ruled that a federal regulation barring bump stocks is likely illegal and was incorrect in claiming that the devices make a weapon a machine gun.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the accessories are not subject to a 2018 ban imposed by the [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

The court battles continues on this issue.

Irregardless of your feelings about bump stocks I think this is at least for now a small win for the 2nd amendment.

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Life of this thread will be short here. But, it is a big deal. Problem comes from the fact they were ordered destroyed. So, the only reasonable/fair solution is free bump stocks for everyone that claims to have destroyed one. Oh, and there’s the millions in inventory that was also destroyed.

We’re looking at FUBAR. But I’ll settle for dismantling/cancelling BATFE and all their illegal infringements.


Guys and Gals ,
please, I didn’t post this to get a fight going. Only for information and update a on going 2nd amendment struggle through our court systems.

You can find in-depth information on this court decision by searching the e net if you want to.

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fight ?where??? i got a extra set of 12oz gloves!!! who needs to roll??? :smiling_imp:
they are putting that out as quietly as possible. Im sure the manuf has lawsuits pending, If the ATF doesn’t appeal it to the supreme court. the whole thing was a tempest in a teapot, but its a win for the 2nd in any case. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: just like years ago the whole Black Talon bullet fiasco.
seems though we need a thread that keeps everyone up to date. on current bills and over reach on the 2nd amendment issues, as long as we can keep it just to facts and not a pecker measuring contest.
sides, it would keep kona on his tippy toes… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :smiling_imp:


Gloves…we don’t need no stinkin’ gloves… :grinning:


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course the side effect we were hell on wheels whenever we did pull a port call…


Good one Goblin.

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This is a interesting decision the 6th made. And now the 9th said the 2nd doesn’t exist outside of house and hearth. Wth is going on lol.


think it boils down to who interprets the 2nd instead of applying it as a right as it should be.
SC castle law doesn’t just cover you in your home and on your property but when your driving in your car as well. so many different states with way to many laws and restrictions that do absolutely no good that no one really understands. all should be wiped clean,all 50 states, and apply the second amendment as written. make it simple.
but opinions my vary on this.
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Its bad optics, and poor strategy, for legal gun owners to support the circumvention of machine gun laws with devices that are used to allow semi automatics to perform as automatics. We must face up to our role in educating both the public and ourselves on responsible arms ownership. Clearly the 2A is and will always be managed, which is not infringement its also constitutional. We dont live on individual islands where we can set up Claymore’s and Cannister shot for perimeter defense, we live in a shared society where compromise is a necessity. We should try at every opportunity to appear less contrarian and weapons frightening to the non gunners, like it or not with every gun killing we should be discussing how to prevent it rather than pretending its not our problem. Or the scared non gunners numbers and their votes will grow and their demands for more restrictive management will increase.


K … so … this comment will sink this discussion. In my opinion, the premise of the statement is wholly flawed. Bump firing ain’t nothing like a machine gun. If it was, I don’t support the NFA infringement anyway.

The second amendment is too clear and simple to accomodate all the infringements rampant in 2021.

I’d love to take a shot at reforming this posters critical reasoning skills, but … this is clearly not the forum where such instruction is appropriate. So, I leave it at: Strongly Disagree.


this thread is just to report it not to debate it from different viewpoints. we keep it civil thread stays ,it goes sideways with insults and a pecker measuring contest, it goes away


@ala4in … if you fact check that post, you will learn that you have been lied to. If you don’t, you will still make the discovery but it’ll just take longer.

Can we close it yet? Please?

Thank you boss.


@dred I’m keeping a close eye on it and that other user you responded to has been dealt with. :+1:t2:


Bump stocks should not be discriminated against .
Bumper stickers should be issued


I want mine to say “Happiness is a belt fed weapon”
That is all


How is a bump stock any different than a binary trigger?


Happiness is a motor driven belt fed weapon


I still strongly feel my 2A rights are being infringed due to the fact that I can’t order a belt fed .50 caliber automatic machinegun on an app from an Uber driver.