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Bullets for you

No idea what yall choose to use. There are good and bad options.
Your gun is not more than the bullet you fire.

I have been a long time fan of Hornady. They cost more, but ~~~?

Back when they came out with ‘Hornady Critical Defense’.
I have read many reviews and watched utube tests.
It is a great bullet.

Later on they came out with ‘Critical Duty’ which is a little different.

I have many rounds of both, believe either will be a best choice.

This week got in two new releases. They finally put out the Critical Defense in .22 mag and .25. I loaded mine in today. It will be fun to see reviews on them. Maybe I will test and do a utube.


I used to use a lot of barnes bullets, till they discontinued a bunch when the company changed hands. now i bouncce between Hornady, Serria (distence) and Lehigh bullets.


@YardCrap I use mainly Blazer Brass by CCI in 115g and 124g at the range for my Ruger PCC but I keep a couple of mags at home charged with the Hornady Critical Defense for serving uninvited guests. I don’t shoot a lot of it at the range but I’ve run a few mags just to make sure it feeds well (which it did) and do so on occasion just to cycle the mags and ammo. Seems like a good round and was originally recommended by my (former) LGS. Gotta love gun shops that give you solid info regardless of sales (but of course I bought a few boxes from them). :+1:t3:

For my AR and Ruger American Predator, I’ve been shooting mainly PMC in both 5.56 (M855) and .223 for cost reasons but have had no issues with either.


I carry 124g Critical Duty in my 9mm M&P 2.0c. My .40 guns have more traditional hollow points just cus I hasn’t looked into Hornady stuff yet, and I have a bunch of them.

Seems like it has generally tested well


I use the Winchester PDX1 147 gn. It’s basically the new improved Black Talon. Ballistics tested well and only penetrated about 14 inches into ballistic gel. Solid round in my opinion.