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Bullet material types

Can anyone give a simple and concise explanation on what a bonded bullet is? What makes a bonded bullet different from a non bonded?

What is the hard cast bullet (from Underwood) made from?

Bonus question: What is the Hi-Tek coating on the bullet and does Hi-Tek mean less cancerous? Does it create a time portal? Does it make a good ice cube?


Bonded refers to the proprietary process used to apply/adhere the jacket to the lead.

(Underwood) Hard cast projectiles are an alloy containing lead and other metals.

Hi-Tek is Underwood’s term for the “jacket” material, a polymer used to prevent lead fouling much like a FMJ or copper plated projectile

As far as cancer reducing properties, they may reduce the airborne lead (?)

No, they don’t create a portal in time or space.

Never tried them as ice cubes,


What would be an advantage of bonding metals opposed to using a singular metal source?

They do not work well as ice cubes. It does not create a time portal, sadly.

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Lead alloys have been in use for a very long time. As firearms became more powerful the lead would foul the rifling so jacketed projectiles were developed. Lead is in use as the main weight of the projectile and to help curb costs. There are solid copper projectiles, and they are expensive. There are also polymer projectiles, called frangibles. Some states are trying to pass laws outlawing any and all projectiles containing lead and some have already passed laws for non-leaded projectiles for hunting. Many states no longer allow lead bird shot/shotgun shells.

You can still find lead alloy projectiles in calibers such as .22lr and .38 Spl. Those that reload can find lead alloys for other handgun cartridges like .45 Colt, .41 magnum to name a few. Others will cast their own by creating alloys from lead and tin.

I’ve heard the .475 Cheytac will open a small time portal…


“.475 Cheytac will open a small time portall.”

Can confirm

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Bonding, in effect sort of like welding the lead core to the copper jacket prevents separation and fragmentation of the bullet. Makes for more consistent expansion and weight retention for deeper penetration.

Hi-Tek coating is a polymer that is baked onto a bullet. I have had great success reloading and shooting with them in handgun calibers including 44 mag. Really reduces leading at higher velocities and is cheaper than jacketed bullets. The lack of smoke is very noticeable when shooting indoors.

Unless I get a real good deal on jacketed, I stick with reloading the coated bullets. Accurate, cheap, easy to work with, no noticeable fouling and they don’t smoke like lead.