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Bullet casting?

Anyone here pour their own?

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 6.8spc pistol barrel with a 1:7 twist for shooting heavy subs. Problem is, only Bullets available come from Australia. I found a guy that will make a custom bullet mold for me, but I’ve never done casting before. I’m planning on using the lee sizer, no gas checks, and powder coating the bullets.

Looking for info. Good furnace, mold material (aluminum, brass or iron). Is reclaimed Range lead good to use? Any other suggestions?


Check out the guys at castboolits.gunloads.com

I’ve been casting many years and started out with a cast iron frying pan on an old turkey fryer burner. It was simple & crude but it worked. I later went to a LEE smelter and now use three by LEE. Two are bottom pour and the other is for dipping.

As far as molds go, I haven’t found any that didn’t work. I own several steel molds by RCBS & NOE and several aluminum ones by LEE. All work great.

Check out the forums on MEWE. Yesterday I saw someone selling a lot of 6.8spc stuff.
Here’s the ad I saw


Thanks, I’ve been reading on that forum as well. Just a lot of conflicting info out there. I was planning on a lee pot, a brass mold from accurate molds, lee sizer die, and powder coating them.

I’m actually thinking of getting 2 molds and making one set into hp. Can’t be that hard and what they charge to modify the molds is crazy. The one company I saw that makes hp molds in Europe will not answer my emails. I hate to screw up a $100 mold but I think I can figure it out.

Never heard of MEWE. Unless he had some casting stuff. I’m set on projectiles. Only reason to cast is for the subsonics.


Have you investigated getting a custom mold from LEE? A while back a buddy got one from them. I believe it cost under $200 then but probably more today.
I have 26 Lee molds and all but one cast bullets that do not need sizing. I do size bullets after powder coating if I apply two coats.

As far as range lead goes it’s my opinion that it’s a real pain in the ass as it’s really dirty. I have two 5 gallon buckets under the bench filled with range lead. Most of it is tiny pieces similar to birdshot. When I smelt down used plumber’s lead I will toss in 10-20 pounds of the range stuff and usually end up with a big bunch of un-usable slag. I use it to extend my bullet production but it IS a pain.


Thanks for the info. I found a source for the range lead that’s already cleaned and in ingots. 115 for 60+ lbs. comes out to about .03 per 200gr Bullet. I have no lead so I’d rather pay the money than go around town to tire shops.

Accurate molds are $100-$140 and no upcharge for custom. Prices depends on the number of cavities and the mold material. I’m going to call noe tomorrow because My friend has had some custom ones from them and he was pleased.

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Pulled the trigger on a mold from accurate molds, barrel and bolt from bison armory, lead pot etc from midway (Got to love the birthday discount). Got 50lbs of lead coming prices went up to $111 for 50lbs $147 for 66lbs. It’s cleaned range lead in small ingots. 9.5-11.6 Bhn.

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Lead sure has jumped in price. I have close to 10k lbs that I’ve accumulated over the past few years from different sources including a salvaged sailboat and several tire repair shops. I haven’t bought lead for casting EVER. But as a plumber I have bought lead for drain pipe seals for $.85 per lb. that was 3 years ago.
As far as hardness goes it’s something I don’t worry about. I powder coat so it’s not an issue anymore. I’ve moved cast powder coated bullets up to 3100 FPS with no leading or any other ill effects.


I know it’s not cheap but it’s an instant supply of cleaned ready to go lead. enough for 1500+ 200gr Bullets.

I can get wheel weights and will in the future but I have too many irons in the fire right now.

Good to hear on powdercoating. That’s my plan. I have a powder setup already (gun oven etc) so it’s a natural choice for me. Even though I’m looking to stay subsonic with this one.

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I got to try out the casting today. Went well once I figured out the timing and the mold heated to temp.

214gr .277 dia for subsonic 6.8 spc.

Now waiting on powdercoat to come in and to build the gun. Hopefully my sbr stamp comes back soon or I’m going to build it as a pistol first.image image