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BUL Armory...anyone?

Would any of the brothers happen to have experience with products from BUL Armory? More specifically their 1911 Classic line of guns? I’m not really familiar with them and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot on the interwebs regarding the company or their handguns.


@chilipepper Bul is the Olight of 1911/2011’s. Flooded the market and sponsors a bunch of dudes to shoot them. They seem pretty decent from what I’ve seen and tried of theirs.


Thanks for that. So their focus is mainly race guns for competition then? Any idea how long they’ve been around? Seems like I’ve only herd of them in the past year or so.


@chilipepper they do competition, edc, etc. but it’s all 1911/2011 fare. The phrase “Good stuff, cheap.” Comes to mind. They’re out of Israel.


Ohhhh… me want Ultra for EDC! But it probably costs more than all three of my Glocks combined.

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Hard to say, I’m not a Glock guy and don’t know what they run…but I suspect you could probably pick one up for $750-$950 if you can find one. The 5" gov’t. models are selling in that same price range at the moment.

EDIT: @TexasEskimo whatever you do, don’t look at the SAS II Ultra Light…but just in case you’re curious

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Bitch set me up. Lol.

Going to text my boys at college now and tell them daddy needs a new kidney. I’ll tell them I found one for $1,250. Wish me luck…


I did. But I’m not apologizing for it…so bitch I am. :grinning:

Oh, and good luck… :rofl:

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BUL Armory makes excellent 1911/2011 pistols. I was looking at their 2011 EDCs. The biggest problem I see is everything is proprietary. Service and access to parts like spare magazines, triggers, springs, and various accessories like HOLSTERS. You’re looking at a custom holster if you add a light.

@chilipepper - I had an opportunity to test fire a BUL SAS II Ultra Light 9mm…nice. I just bought a Beretta 92G and “Wilsonized” it (DIY). It runs like a competition gun, but I wish I saw the BUL prior.


Hello Don, thank you for showing interest in our guns.

Due to the ongoing Covid19 situation that is affecting our supply chain and global shipping services, we are currently not accepting new orders and focusing our efforts to supply current pending orders as soon as possible with minimum delays.

If it’s ok with you, I will file your details in our system and notify you the moment we are accepting new orders.

Your interest in our brand is highly appreciated!

Best Regards,
Tomer Shefi
BUL Armory USA


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