Building the ultimate RUGER PC chassis carbine

Well I’ve got every current MCARBO upgrade available for my PC chassis carbine except for the trigger. I may do a Volquartson drop-in trigger. I like the MCARBO Mini brake.
Plus some MAGPUL items-> forearm QR sling socket, angled forearm grip (AFG-2), more vertical pistol grip, MBUS sights, QR one & two point sling.

Soon a HOLOSUN AEMS circle dot sight will be on my PCC and the build will be complete.
I’m thinking about installing a Franklin Armory binary trigger instead of the Volquartson trigger pack. Anyone here have good or bad experiences with this unusual trigger?


Binary triggers get mixed reviews for reliability. I have had them and in my experience the fun fades faster than new car smell. It’s an expensive part and there are lots of other upgrades for the same money that will deliver a more reliable, accurate firearm.

The broader question is… do you want to sling lead, focus on accuracy, or defend yourself and others? Being able to empty a mag in ten seconds provides no real advantage in a self-defense situation. It’s definitely impractical for self defense in the home. Especially if there are others in the house: Spouses, kids, pets, your refrigerator. Neighbors too.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that who someone puts 10-20 rounds into a bad guy no matter what the situation was is probably going to jail, spending 100 grand on lawyers to stay out of jail. Or both.

The Binary trigger is definitely fun on the range but as I said it wears off quick. Ammo is crazy expensive and in short supply as we all know.

I’ve seen lot of indoor ranges and Range Officers frown on near-full auto. Mostly because of the minority of inexperienced jackasses with no military training who enjoy pretending to be Rambo. The guy in the bar who talks about the time he almost enlisted in the Marine Corps. No implication meant or implied in your case. Just sharing what I’ve seen over the years.

I’m sure some may disagree and that’s OK. Full auto or near full auto is mainly for laying down cover fire. It is very unlikely a civilian would ever find himself in this situation. I’m not suggesting this be illegal or anything. I’m simply suggesting you consider why you need what is close to selective fire before dropping 300+ bucks on a binary trigger. Especially on a PCC not designed for that kind of duty.


I’ve got one in my 10/22 takedown and love it. Mostly for double taps…not spraying lead. I also have a spare stock trigger group assembly in case it becomes illegal or unreliable.

Probably won’t add one in my PCC9…only because cost of ammo is too high for my budget. The Franklin binary trigger has been going down in price.

I think @Teddy_the_Beer has added one to his PCC9….still waiting to hear how he likes it and how it’s performing.

I would still have a stock Ruger trigger group assembly on hand…just in case.

If it is reliable, I would say hell yes it would help make a PCC9…the ultimate. :sunglasses: :boom::boom: :boom::boom: :boom::boom:

Nope, wasn’t me. I don’t even have PCC9.

I only have chassis for my .22 rifles.

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@Teddy_the_Beer Sorry about that! I found it:


Sep '21

I finally pulled the trigger on a binary trigger for my PC Charger.

Now I need to make time to install. Any interest in my documenting the installation?

I think I will go for the Volquartson drop-in trigger group. It has a 2 1/2 lb.pull and fast reset so can be fired very fast if the need arose and no worries about it becoming recalled by the BATF&E, as the bump stock was. I’m from Las Vegas and after the October 1 massacre I can see the use of that trigger in “binary” mode being frowned upon by many when I take it to a range.

In any case I’ll wait a while because the RUGER trigger is actually very good for a factory PCC trigger, FAR batter than the factory CZ Scorpion trigger, for example.

Although the RUGER PC chassis carbines are not “AR-like” in the safety location or magazine release button it has a cold hammer forged barrel, usually found on only top tier sub guns like H&K. That is a very encouraging feature, telling me RUGER made this carbine to last. And with all my internal upgrades I feel confident it will be good for many thousands of rounds.


Still no upgrade for the flimsy ejector…no matter which mag well is inserted. Slamming the mag home has been an issue leading to unreliable ejection. I had to rebend mine but it’s running 100% reliable since.

@Litehiker Good choice. At 2.5 lbs that’s a noticeable improvement over factory. Volquartsen add-ons/upgrades for Ruger firearms are consistently high quality. I have been debating a chassis upgrade to my PCC sometime in the near term and will do a trigger upgrade at the same time.

Agree on the durability of Ruger barrels. A range owner buddy of mine told me that most range rental guns start having problems (wearing out) after 10k rounds. Some they just toss/destroy. Others get repaired and are then sold. He gave Ruger pretty high marks on reliability and said Sig/Glock/S&W are similar to each other reliability-wise. Highest maintenance? Kimber. A shocker was that the Taurus TCP, basically a cheap 380 pocket gun, was very popular with new shooters - esp women. Even after 10k rounds it still shoots like new. Taurus! Go figure.

All of that made me think about used guns on Gunbroker. Best to ask if it was formerly a range gun. You may get an honest answer. Or not.

Looping back to the binary trigger thing… it takes no time at all to run 10 thousand rounds when you can dump a 30 round mag in 20 seconds. That beats the Hell out of the gun. You can literally wear out a new gun in less than a year. I’d never buy a used rifle or AR/AK pistol with a binary trigger in it. I think you made a sensible decision.

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Mountain Hunter,
I installed an M*CARBO extractor that is machined from hardened steel.
This should certainly resolve any “flimsy ejector” problems for you formally years of use.

I also installed M*CARBO’s bolt buffer, wider bolt hold-open lever and magazine release button. All work perfectly, as does their Mini Brake.

@Litehiker I have the MCARBO extractor and buffer also… love them.
The ejector is in the Glock or Ruger Mag well adapter. Haven’t seen any aftermarket ejectors from anyone…yet…but loads of complaints which I was one of them also until I fixed mine.

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OK, you mean the MAGAZINE RELEASE. What’s the problem with yours?

I dislike the GLOCK mag well adaptor because it is too loose and lets the magazine wobble, especially the long 30+ round mags. I’ve asked M*CARBO to make a better one and if they do I’m sure the mag release mechanism will be addressed as well.

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Agree. Love my pc9. The wobble with the Glock mag well bothers me. However have never had ftl.

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When I watch the RUGER PC carbines firing on Youtube with a 30+ round mag I see the mag wobble. Never EVER saw that with any other PCC with a long mag firing on Youtube.

I fixed mine with two strips (2 layers) of black Gorilla Tape inside the rear wall of the mag well but that’s a redneck fix, not permanent.

Since this mag well is for BOTH 9 mm and 40 cal. mags I feel it’s bigger to accommodate the 40 cal mags and that’s just plain cheap on RUGER’s part. Hopefully Chris can’t his folks to make a much better 9 mm mag well of Delrin.
Eric B.