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Build from parts

I was wondering how possible it would be to build a spare S2K Gen 2 just from parts? Could the receiver be milled and everything else added later?


@Pete71 Kel-Tec does not list the barrel for sale unless sent back to them for replacement.


I don’t know enough about this but could a Glock barrel (like the 11" one) work, or an AR-9 barrel be used (with modification)? I started thinking about how it would be pretty cool to have a “pistol” version of the S2K, with a brace (or just bolt tube) and shorter barrel but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a goofy idea.



And please don’t go try’n to make a rifle you got into a pistol. It cannot be done in 2021. You may, however, buy a stamp and build it into a short barreled rifle.

Oh, and barrels no swappy between platforms.



I figured as much. I’m not a smith or even a machinist. I just kind of hoped that, like an 80% lower, you could purchase the majority of parts and then use a AR buffer tube as a replacement receiver. But with no barrel it wouldn’t matter if you could just screw in a buffer tube after making the appropriate cuts. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, a S2K receiver/bolt tube is a different diameter than a buffer tube. This was more thinking out loud than anything else.

Thanks for the info though.


Get one of these a QRB from cry havoc tactical
and one of these from deadfoot arms

buy a 80% AR lower receiver and install a Lower parts kit
buy a Noreen upper receiver, and a 9mm mag well adapter, a handfull of magazines and you got a pistol in 9mm that breaks down into 2 pieces, stock folds in ,if you use a 4.5 KAK barrel, no longer than the buffer tube on a AR rifle…
I can tell you the Cry Havoc pieces and the deadfoot arms parts are worth every penny…

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build a 9mm AR, parts are plentiful as are the options

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