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Budget Semiauto Shotguns



It is not a semiauto (it is a pump action), but the Remington 870 Express is (from my experience), very reliable and can be had for around $300 (sometimes less).

That is what I shoot sporting clays with and it works fine.


Remington builds a 870 Trap. They come out of the Remington custom shop like the 1100 trap. If you shoot much trap you would like one. The light contour 30 inch barrel and the custom stock make it a clay buster


S&W did make a pump and a semi auto i used have a police issue pump that was a great gun. But as far as your list of guns your looking at the mossberg 930 is nice a buddy just bought one we shot couple hundred rounds threw it first day he got it


I’m surprised no one has mentioned or posted the AA12 anywhere on the sight so I will throw it in here.
It’s not budget for sure but oh if I had fun money to burn.


You can say that again brother! :joy:


One shotgun besides the versa max that I would recommend that can be found around the $1,000 mark and has a similar gas system is the FN SLP.



@lonewolf read this thread from the beginning and you will know my opinions + picture regarding the Mossberg 930



Haha, missed that 930 in the ‘initial thread???’ I hate to find myself in the middle of the conversation??? :crazy_face: