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Budget Semiauto Shotguns


Looks good…but just a back up gun now. The gas system is archaic an a pain to maintain!


Panzer BP12 just released $519ish. Looks well made and comes with some high quality features for the money. Comes with flip-up iron sights, angled foregrip, adjustable cheek riser, ambi side charging handle, and AR style charging handle, faux suppressor/barrel shroud, 5 round mag, just to name a few. Gonna drop the loot on one and find out pretty soon.


Just got this ad in an email.



@SwishaHouse yep. That video popped up on my YouTube and started me down the rabbit hole. I plan to range toy it and beat the hell out of it. If it survives it’ll get night stand duty. :+1:t2:


Kona, 2&3/4 or 3" mag compatable?


@GOBLIN both from what I gather


@Kona you’re all about TriStar right?



Without even attempting to answer the question, I’ll just say what I have. I have a Winchester Super X Marine Defender 12-guage. I like it, but it’s just my shot gun.

I like the corrosion resistance and the price. I’m not really a shot gun guy, so I only have one shot gun.

It’s more of a defense shot gun then the type of shot gun you want.

It’s what I have if you ever have any questions about it.


Oh, and it’s a pump, so I guess I’m pretty much completely off topic. Sorry. :blush:


That just means it’s a manually operated auto. LOL


@TheThreeLaws that thing looks like a battle axe haha


@Kona For sure, that TriStar looks overweight compared to that Panzer.


Last time i got real excited about a shotgun, was when the SWD street sweeper and the striker 12 was on the market, had one for a brief period, after the novelty wore off , it sorta got sold off due to the fact,1 firearm was fragile, 2 stock was flimsy,3 prone to winding spring breakage, (broke 2) 4 PIA to clean (dissassemble the drum) KSG is probably my next one, but i do like a bullpup design, so panzer is going to get a check out. Black aces tactical , i checked out their stuff, lil above my checkbook, nice though.



@GL9CK, Now that a ‘few’ months have gone by I am curious about your gun purchase! If you were able to shoot your rifle. I am also wondering if your mind swayed. If you were ‘talked’ into a lesser expensive gun, did you make serious upgrades. Please let me know if you have a ‘free moment.’ YOUR BROTHER IN ARMS, LONEWOLF


I was going to make this suggestion. I know it’s an old post, but just seeing it for the first time. This is my next purchase.


Well, not really. Some of the recoil is spent cycling the spent shell out and loading a new one, so most semi’s have significantly-less felt recoil.

We have a MKA-1919, which started off cheap, but after all the mods, it’s now about a $1200 weapon. It IS a pleasure to shoot, however, but it is very sensitive to what you’re running through it. The current sweet spot seems to be 1325 FPS rounds. I’ve installed the ‘low-power’ spring, and am storing it with the bolt locked open in hopes we can get to the point we’re successfully-cycling ‘low-recoil’ ammo.

It’s just a fun weapon, though, not used for any competition, but does sit in the corner of the bedroom as a home defense weapon.

It’s fairly-easy to clean, as long as you remember that the locking nut on the gas tube is left-handed thread.


I like my 1100s. One is 30 years old and works as well now as it did new. Keep a spare oring for it. I’ve had 2 break but it was ehen i was using it to shoot trap. It never failed when i hunted with it. I have a trap model now. I hunt with my 835 turkey special now. Its light and shoots 3 inch shells. My 1100 is a 2.75 gun


You know in my opinion most budget semi auto shotguns end up costing as much as their higher quality (and expensive) counter parts.

My wife now has more $$ invested in her “cheap” Mossberg 930 JM Pro with all the upgrade parts and accessories and customization than I do with my Remington Versa Max.

And thats the problem with budget weapons…serious shooters end up spending a lot of $ on upgrades. Just look at the S2K as an example! :grin:


now it aint a simi-auto as such. and it has a bit of a bad rep. but, with a lot of lapping compound a surface plate and some time one of these is slick as butter out the churn.
PW87 century or w87 norinco, bout $350 and change fun as hell to shoot. 2 3/4" 12 ga, overall 38" 7lbs 20"cylinder bore.norinco%20w87 lever shotgun is different to load, and you gotta put the love in it. but in my twisted opinion worth it. does well stretching the lever to “Duke” style

might hint in the next from MCarbo parts , a steel big loop lever for these…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: