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Budget long range fun

Lol yea I got the long range bug when I was in basic training. I hit the 1000yd target a few times. But my eyes were very young and the wind must have been calm. Lol. Now I need glasses and a high power scope. Besides its nice seeing your hits on paper and not need a spotting scope. Hopefully this ammo shortage ends soon and we can really see what these rifles can do. Until then I can still shoot the devil out of rim fire.

Shooting long range is fun, but doing it with “Budget” builds usually falls short when it comes to being accurate & consistent. Most of today’s Factory rifles have the ability to shoot rather well at almost any range if you tune your loads to the gun. Most factory Match ammo will shoot good if your barrel happens to like shooting it, but most factory ammo will limit you to how far you can shoot because they don’t push the velocities.

I’m pushing a 140gr Berger VLD and Hornady 143gr ELD-X at 2900 fps out of both of my Custom 6.5 CM’s and the farthest that I can accurately shoot them is a mile- actually 1793 yards.at the 2000 yard range I shoot at.

Optics are where most budget builds fail. Most sub $1k scopes don’t track well, and aren’t designed to have the turret’s repeatedly turned. And most don’t have enough adjustment range to allow the shooter to adjust out to the target.
Yes, There are plenty of YouTube videos of guy’s shooting long range with $200 scopes, but just how many takes did they make in order to make the video?

I’ll take a $1500 - $3500 scope on a $300-$500 rifle any day over a $300-$500 scope on an expensive rifle.
I work for a living just like everyone else, but I’ll save up to buy good optics. Most of my top tier scopes were bought used, you can save $1000+ buying them used.

I’m not trying to bust anyone’s bubble about shooting long range, but it’s expensive if you really want to do it. Cheap equipment just doesn’t work very good, especially scopes.

A couple of my builds-
Shilen DGR action - 26" Shilen Select Match 6.5 CM - KRG Whiskey 3 chassis - Trigger Tech Special trigger (not in pic) - ARC M10 rings - IOR Valdada Recon 4-28x50 scope

Savage 12 Varmint action - 26" E.R.Shaw 6.5 CM - Choate Tactical stock - ARC M10 rings - Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56 scope.

ARC Nucleus action - 20" X-caliber 22 CM - KRG Bravo Chassis - Trigger Tech Diamond trigger - ARC M10 rings - Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 scope

I have several other’s that I’ve assembled off of Savage actions in 300 WM, 308, 7mm-08, 6.5-06, 25-06, and 223.


I hear ya on the younger eyes. Glasses definitely needed lol. I got mine mainly for hunting but the long range capabilities for fun are nice as well

@Txhillbilly. No bubble busted here lol. Thank you for your advise. I appreciate it. I understand that optics are where its at. Those are some nice rifles you got there. Im starting to look into equipment like that for recreation. I just have to go slow. Don’t wanna make mama mad if ya know what I mean.

Yes those are some very nice builds and someday I will build myself one of those. It’s just not in the budget right now. Hopefully after this pandemic stuff is over and work picks back up & I start get that regular overtime again I can start saving up to build my loonnggg range rifle. Lol


Being from Wyoming long range shooting is NOT a poor mans hobby if you want acceptable results. Distance to the target was never a problem it was the wind drift, you can’t shoot distance without a wind speed meter & even then it’s a challenge. Many factors go into long range shooting, ignoring any one of them will show up in your accuracy. It’s all about what You will accept for accuracy, close enough never came into my mind. You will always have good days & not so good days shooting. Don’t beat yourself up over the bad days. There’s always tomorrow !

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I agree with you there. And I know it’s expensive if I’m wanting 1000yd accuracy. But where I live I would never get to reach that far. The ranges in my area only go out to 200yd. & if I can get on a piece of private farm land I can still only go out to about 500yd. Then safety comes into play. With what’s beyond your target. I’ve got this axis rifle in 6.5 creedmoor & I got a patriot rifle in 300 win mag. Both only have 22in barrels and I only got about $500 invested in each. They both are very good hunting rifles. Knowing my limits. I’ve got a few more yrs before I retire &when I do then I will start on 1 of those $10,000 rifles that I can knock the hair off a frogs butt from a mile away. Lol

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The wind is by far the biggest learning experience to over come when shooting at longer ranges. At times it’ll make you just throw your hands up in disgust until you actually learn how to read it correctly.

When it comes to a rifle, you don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of factory rifles that will do everything you need with a few modifications. You need a good trigger, a good shooting barrel, and a stock that is comfortable to use and has a good foundation to support the action / barrel.
I’ve got a safe full of semi-custom Savage action rifles that shoot as good, and sometimes better than the high dollar full Custom action build’s that I have. It all depends on what you want, and how much you have in a budget to spend.

If you don’t load your own ammo that is tuned to your gun, then you’re walking backwards right from the start. You may be able to find a factory ammo that shoots good, but generally factory ammo usually doesn’t perform near as good as handloaded ammo.

Optic’s is the area where you will need to spend the money. Most guy’s for some reason just don’t want or like to buy quality scopes. A Hunting scope doesn’t need to be high quality for someone that only uses a rifle a couple times a year, and doesn’t ever use the turret’s to adjust their scopes.
You have to have a quality made scope with internal components designed to be used constantly when you shoot at different ranges over and over. It also needs to have enough adjustment range to adjust to the distances without being at the end of it’s range.
Today, There are many scopes that will do the job from $800 - $4000+, with some fantastic scopes for the money in the $1500 - $2000 range that don’t give up much to the higher priced scopes.
Plus, If you buy one of these scopes used or one that isn’t the current generation, you save even more money.


Thanks for the information on possible good used optics never really considered them but maybe I will now.

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Today was finally a range day since I put the MCARBO PRO TRIGGER KIT in my axis rifle and I must say what an improvement. Thanks to Chris and the guys for coming up with this kit. Here are some of my 100yd results.


@Robert65 As you’re a vet, you may want to look into this for optics as well:
Leupold VIP Program

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Thanks I sure will I’m all about saving money


Leupold makes some very good Hunting scopes.
You couldn’t give me one of their Long range / Tactical scopes, they have always had tracking issues and there are so many better choices for the money.


Thanks for the information on Leopold. I’ve kinda like the night force optics or some of the new Sig optics they are expensive but Bluetooth the range finder and put info

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Nightforce makes a tank of a scope, well worth the price if you’re really hard on your equipment. The ATACR series is a fantastic scope. The NSX series falls short on the glass quality, IMO, compared to scopes in the same price range.
Sig has never been on my radar as a brand of scope that I’d buy. I had a Revic PMR 428 smart scope for a couple years. It was a fun scope to use, and dead accurate if your input info was correct, but it’s a $3k scope.

Once you figure out what kind of scope budget you can live with, then you can figure out which scope would work best for the shooting you plan to do. Like I said before, don’t forget about buying a used scope. Almost all of them will still have a warranty that transfers.
I’ve bought $2k Swarovski scopes for $800 before, and recently bought a $3500 S&B PMII for $2k.
There are guy’s that have to have the latest and greatest scopes on the market, so they dump a barely used top shelf scope in order to buy a new one.


Where is a good place to look for used scopes?

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There are many places to find used high quality optics. Local gun dealer’s, Gun show’s, and on many firearm forum’s like Snipers Hide, Accurate Shooters, Long Range Hunting, and many others.

You can also find some great deals on brand new scopes if you keep your eye’s open for them. When a scope series is discontinued or a new generation of it is coming out, they will dump them at huge discounts.
Camera Land, Midway, and other online retailer’s have these scopes on sale right now. All you have to do is look for them.


I’ll check them out. Thanks

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I have a Savage Hog Hunter in .223, it is a hoot to shoot. The term “boringly accurate” come to mind with that rifle. It is that accurate if I do my part. Shooting Winchester white box 55 grn I can really do some damage. I have built an AR platform using 5R Wylde 20 inch barrel, and need to go the range to see how it does.

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I also picked up a stupid good deal on an Axis 6.5 CM. $130 out the door. I bought a Vortex Strike Eagle from Euro Optics that was on clearance. It’s not a high end scope, but it’s plenty good enough for the 300 yard range that I go to. My first time out, I was able to get hits on steel at 300 yards. I wish the barrel was thick enough to get threaded