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Budget long range fun

I built this savage axis on a tight budget. It came with a 22in barrel and a cheap scope $300.00 new. I pulled the scope and put on a sightmark 8.5-25x50 $200.00. It’s a 6.5 creedmoor. And it shoots really accurate but the heavy trigger sucked. It just put in the MCARBO PRO TRIGGER KIT and wow so much better. Now I gotta get back to the range and try it out.



Nice! Please let us know how it shoots - especially with the new trigger.


That is exactly what I have. Mine is a left handed though with a vortex scope. I installed the m carbo trigger kit and absolutely love it. I almost can’t even feel the trigger now. I think you will be satisfied. Nice peice

Thanks I’m hoping to get out this weekend and squeeze off a couple of rounds. Then I will post a new target picture

Sounds good. I found that mine likes horniday match best for long range target shooting. I just got an 8 point buck @125 yards this weekend with mine using a core loc. 1 shot spot on. Didnt even have to track it. Hope this helps.

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I’ve tried 2 different types so far Remington core lock 140gr. & Federal fusion 140gr. I picked up a box of Federal premium 130gr but haven’t tried it yet. Ammo is hard to get right now without paying through the nose for it if you can find it.

What state are you hunting in

Most Savage rifles shoot very good out of the box. I can’t say much on your scope choice, but it’s your money. Most cheap scopes don’t get you too far when it comes to Long Range.
Good Luck!

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So far the scope is doing just fine. I actually researched it a lot before I bought it. Some of our military have actually used it. Besides I’m not shooting long range competition. I’m just punching paper on a BUDGET.

Mine didn’t like the remington ammo. Could have been me. I didn’t say that earlier because I didn’t want to sound like I was bashing remington because I’m definitely not. Mabey you will have better luck with it. I am hunting in Indiana. And yes… ammo is hard to find and expensive right now. Lol

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Right on. Where you at in Indiana? I’m up here in laporte county. Next to kingsbury game reserve

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Richmond. About 1 mile from Ohio line

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Awesome I’m originally from Ohio. You guys probably get some bigger deer down there compared to what we get.

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We do get pretty big. Corn country around here. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I ment they get pretty big.

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So is your savage axis also 6.5 creedmoor? What grain bullet does yours like? I’m still experimenting with mine, I have only been able to try 2 different types of 140grain & as soon as I can get back out to the range I got a box of 130 grain Federal premium.

Mine is a 6.5 creedmoor as well. I use Hornady match eld 140 grain to punch paper. I can get a group of 3 the size of a quarter at 200 yards. I have been looking for a longer range but there really isn’t any good places to go around here.

Awesome. Kingsbury only has 100yd range but if I drive to winamac game reserve they have 200yd there. I need to find someone with some open acerage where I can stretch out to 500yd. I’ve read a lot of reviews on this rifle & caliber and 500yd is very do able. Just got to find the right combo of bullet grain & type.

I also have a Mossberg patriot rifle in 300 win mag to get dialed in also

Everything i have read says up to 1000 yards is possible. Im starting out slow and getting it dialed in where I feel comfortable stretching out that far. I find the calculating for drop and wind drift interesting and a way to get my mind off my job. Lol. I found a man in a local gun shop who was military and marksman. He does the 1 mile shoots and gives pointers and tips if you catch him when he’s not to busy.