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Budget 9MM For Starter Pistol

Blasphemy! You just need more upgrades! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



The optic mount aside, I have EVERY other upgrade that Mcarbo makes. Including all 3 changing handles, and the heavyweight bolt from Kel Tec. And a Blitzkrieg front sight post. Not much else to do.

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IMHO the most important upgrade is the optic mount which makes the 2K a blast to shoot.Without it the cheek grind is terrible.

Hey, Brian, looks interesting but I saw a couple negative reviews on Youtube: TWO safeties on that thing? And the disassembly/assembly reminded me of the trigger group on the M1919A6 .30 caliber machine gun. (God bless John Browning!) Low capacity mags, etc.

I looked at the Taurus TX22 seemed a bit closer to what I was looking for. Large capacity magazine - peace through fire superiority. Enough of a frame to further dampen the modest recoil of a .22 and so on.

TBH, I am looking for a last-ditch kind of weapon. The bad guys are danger-close, everything else is either out of ammo or I cant get mags loaded fast enough, etc. We probably agree that, at CQB distances, a couple .22 rounds in the right place will be a deterrent. And, last but not least, I can practice a lot more with .22 than I can anything else. Ammo supplies here in North Carolina are still pretty tight. I dont have the network to know when stuff is coming off the supply truck - its random that I stumble across stuff or have to buy from a re-re-resupplier who is making profit on top of everyone elses profit.

Thanks for your input and for reaching out. While not in Texas, I am blessed to be in a rural part of North Carolina. Am preparing but hopefully have some warning if things go pear-shaped. Figure itll start in the cities when the grocery store fairies stop delivering and maybe infrastructure like water and electricity start to fail . . .

Stay frosty!



Pinky extensions, these are made in the Peoples Republic of Kaliforniastan.


Thanks, AV8R! Appreciate the input!


Hey, guys, Ive already derailed this 9mm thread with questions about .22, but please forgive another rabbit chase. Has anyone thought of putting together a barter conversion table for goods? Lets say supermarket supply chain has broken down, but I want five pounds of fresh beef. Is that worth a pint of Jim Beam? A pound of salt?

Obviously these exchanges would depend on local area/supplies, who has what to barter, etc. but Im curious if anyones thoughts have wandered in this direction . . . Is this an appropriate topic for a separate thread? Thanks, all!

I think this may be the best place for that topic


Thanks VERY much! I was in the Army when inflation was running rampant in the Carter years so at least had three hots and a cot to get by. I dont think they are accepting re-enlistments from 63-year-old retreads . . .


Duly noted. :wink::wink:
I guess im just easily satisfied. I have the Mseries and its all kinds of fun.