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Budget 9MM For Starter Pistol

I took my future Son in Law to the range last weekend. It was his first time shooting ever. We shot my 10/22 and my Ruger mark 2 to start with. Then we moved up to the Glocks (19 and 27), to the Sub 2000, and finally the Weatherby Vanguard 308. Needless to say (like all first timers) he is hooked now. He wants his own 9mm now, but being 25 and pretty much just starting out in life, he’s kind of on a budget. We’re looking at a $300 - $400 price point here. And we definitely want reliability. But not interested in a Hi Point. And an over 10 round capacity as we’re not really looking for a compact at this time. Something in the 10 - 15 range, suitable for carry and home defense (dare I say Glock 19, because that’s what he loved the most)

So I was looking at the SAR USA SAR9, the Mossberg MC2C, and the Ruger Security 9. I don’t really know anything about these weapons so I’m looking for some info on them. And any other suggestions to research would be appreciated also. Thanx.


I would suggest a Beretta PX4 Storm. You get the reliability of a Beretta with all the features you are looking for.

I’ve shot the mossberg and ruger. I do not like the trigger safety on either. Both guns failed to fire on numerous occasions. Don’t rule out a Sig Sauer. You can find them within your price point. For home defense, a shotgun is still number one in my book. Everyone and I mean everyone knows the sound of a shell being racked into a shotty. I’ve read several accounts where a home owner has scared an intruder off with racking a shell.

Good for you for bringing a new person into this hobby the right way. I’ve seen many people at the range bring a new person and immediately hand them the largest rifle or handgun. And it scares them off. Starting with an.22 is the best way. Kudos to you sir.



I will look into the Beretta. Thank you Sir.


Taurus G2c, just over $300.


His timing is tough.

I noticed you refer to him as a future son-in-law. If he is treating your daughter well, consider helping him learn to protect and defend her as you have.

In your circumstance, consider doing “the dad thing.” That is: with your daughter’s blessing - consider gifting him your glock. They are not too painful to replace.


Um, no. Lol. He will have it soon enough because he will probably be the one I Will my whole collection to. But not until then. I’ll probably help him out financially tho.


For carry, the bigger G19 or the PX4 might be a bit too much. They are great for home defense and range.
I have a Sig P365XL and it is awesome range gun. But again, a bit too much for me to carry, even if is smaller than a PX4 or G19.
Personally I love the Hellcat for carry, with 13+1 magazine.
Size comparation website:
Visually Compare Pistol And Revolver Dimensions, Weight, Capacity, And More | Handgun Hero

I would not advise him to get a cheap gun to start with, only to resent it and lose money when he is selling it out.


I have one of these.
A very underrated firearm. The company is solid, been around for a long time and their pistols are competitively priced, reliable and fun to shoot.


I’ve been seeing the S&W Shields and Bodyguards decently priced on sales. Any of the FN compacts are good as well and plenty of lightly used ones out there.
All of the above are solidly built, reliable and upgradable as his level of shooting changes.


Look into the Sccy pistols. Great price point for a decent pistol.


Id say if he was comfortable with the glock thats the route id take. Even if you cant find your exact price point. Being comfortable holding and using is big thing to consider. I hear good things from the newer taurus semi autos as well. Now me id take the same 500 and buy 3 hi points in different calibers and would trust my life 100% to them.


Anybody have any experience with Stoeger?


I’ve never fired one but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Canik TP9 Elite. Their website list them for $439.99 but I’m sure you could beat that price. They come with one 12 round and one 15 round magazine.


Not familiar with the stoeger pistols but have owned a few of there shotguns over the years and they was well made and very reliable.


I really like my Walther PPS M2.


plenty of .40 caliber shield out there under $400

Just one man’s opinion here… I purchased an IWI Masada pistol (4.1”) about a year ago. It may be a little over budget (I think they retails for approximately $445), but you get a tremendous value for the money. It comes with a pre-cut optics ready slide and necessary mounting plates, has ambidextrous controls and also comes with 3 very easy adjust/install backstraps for all hand sizes. Plus, IWI makes quality firearms i.e. the UZI, Galil and Tavor. I have lot of experience with both Glocks and Sigs and on balance it is better than any of my other pistols. Additionally, it is a modular design. I am not a “fan boy”. Notice I said “on balance”? To be fair…for the more sophisticated shooters the trigger reset is a bit long. It is certainly not perfect, but again - on balance it is the best thing I own today. It was a great value for the money. In short, it is worth taking a look at.


Don’t get me started with Walthers. I’m really wanting to throw some money down on the new PDP. The wife really doesn’t want me to, so it’s kind of a point of contention. But enough of that, this isn’t about my needs. Lol


Totally agree. The G2C is a great pistol. The Taurus handguns I bought three decades ago had their issues, but now the company puts out quality products at a nice price. This pistol is perfect for both carry and “in the nightstand” home defense.