Browning Eurobolt

Not sure if this is the right place to do this but I wanted to confirm that the abolt/abolt2 trigger spring kit works flawlessly on a Eurobolt submodel! After much research I decided to give it a try and I’m sooo happy I did! It reduced my trigger pull by 2.5 lbs and there’s absolutely no indication of any problems whatsoever. If anyone out there has been wondering about compatibility, please wonder no more and go for it!



Welcome to the show! Stick around and tell us more about yourself.

Post some pics of the Eurobolt for us too! :+1:t2:


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That’s good to know info. :+1:


I think that uploaded! If not, I’ll try again…. Old dog, new tricks! Not a lot to say about myself really, I grew up hunting but didn’t really get the firearms bug till I started learning how to reload. After that, I was hooked! More calibers, more styles, more searching for accuracy. It’s been a great learning experience and I’m still hungry for more. I bought this Eurobolt.270 from a fella who bought it new in the 90’s and stuck it in a closet to gather dust when he decided it just wasn’t close enough to his beloved 7 Rem Mag. At first I wanted to keep it pristine but it’s so accurate and comfortable to shoot, it just begs to be taken hunting. Happy to be a part of the brotherhood and can learn more as I go!


@Circusfreak Welcome to the brotherhood Troy.