M*CARBO Brotherhood

Browning A Bolt Spring Kit Install

The Browning A Bolt spring is a legit spring to upgrade your older Browning rifles. It literally took me about 15 mins after watching Chris’s video once just for good measure. The pull weight went from a terrible 3.1 to 5.0 pull down to crisp 1.9lb pull weight and I can go lower but this is my uncle’s hunting rig and im not trying to get him into any trouble lol he’s in his 70’s. Took the rifle to the range last Sunday for site in and it performed flawlessly. Safety functioned just fine. Excellent product and Chris’s follow through to ensure we’re happy is The Best Customer Service i’ve received in years! Im now watching the Glock video to see if that’s next for my 17.




I have built (2) 80% Custom 10/22’s and installed the Ruger BX Trigger (Factory pull 2.5-3 pounds.) With the MCarbo spring kit I saw pulls from 1.4-1.8 consistently! I did not seek MCarbo when I was rebuilding my Glock 17 Gen 4 because I had known nothing about them at the time. I was pulling 6.8 pounds with the factory parts. I did some polishing on the trigger and sear parts and am happy with my 3.5 pound trigger pull. I did not polish the 22’s for fear of ‘accidental discharge.’ I am not in my 70’s but do suffer from the pure enjoyment of having ‘hair pin’ trigger assemblies and wanting to anhilate my targets! :innocent: