Broken Charging Handle


I didn’t realize you did that modification, too. As with many things, like the 1911, the farther you get away from the original design, the more likely problems will manifest themselves.


@Turmeric1 I have the Brass Bolt and my RCH does not hit the front of the charging handle stot, no marks or burs.


Your picture is correct - the fracture line is as you pictured. It broke while firing and didn’t notice it had broken until I put the gun down and noticed no more RCH. I found the broken part under the shooting bench.
Luckily I had the OEM CH in my range bag so I kept on shooting.


Don’t know it it’s been mentioned or not, but I’d avoid slapping the charging handle down from the lock-back notch and letting it slam forward. It puts undue stress on the handle stem and I don’t like the way the tube notch wears on the side of the stem. Personally, I never use that notch and I don’t need to pull the bolt all the way back to easily chamber a round anyway.


@Wedge @Dred @dave67. I think the ding/bur must have happened while the S2K was folded and the bolt was retracted. Then released when I put it in the carry case or at some other time.
I have disassembled it and removed the burs inside and out. Reassembled it and runs better.
With gun folded I let bolt slowly go forward and wiggled the CH and it was tight up against slot. then placed gun in fire ready and could easily wiggle handle.
MY BAD !!! Lesson learned. When folded DO NOT HAVE BOLT IN REAR POSITION .
Nice to be able to take the collar off and back on in just moments.


@Wedge Dang it!, I love slapping that charging handle from the lock-back position when I’m at the range…just feels so cool when I do it. :frowning_face:


That, and @ChrisNelson does it in the videos!! Simple pleasure.:nerd_face:


I know and I did it some at first. It was like having a poor man’s MP5. But, then I started seeing reports of charging handles breaking from people doing this. I’ve seen pictures of wear on the charging handle stem where the edge of the tube cutout had been rubbing/sawing on it. The fully compressed recoil spring is jamming the stem into that sharp area when the sliding occurs getting/slapping it out of the notch. Then you add the extra force of palm slapping down hard and it slamming forward under full force of the recoil spring. I actually like to ride the bolt home a bit to ease the round into the chamber. Again, I never have any feeding issues. People can do as they like with theirs, but I’m not going to beat on mine unnecessarily. I already don’t trust Kel-Tecs enough as it is, so I don’t need anything breaking on my S2K which has been great…so far… LOL


I guessing that the problem may be just the mass of the charging handle. The momentum of that weight may be too much for the stem. I would guess that this problem hasn’t been seen as much using the "hollowed out " version.

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Mad Dog - is that you Roger?


I had the double finger one break while firing, I don’t use the recoil buffer, I find that I don’t need it.


(No Rich) I’m from upper Midwest.

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Thanks for replying. I have a friend who lives in Kansas and is a prolific emailer. He goes by maddog, he even setup his own home server over 20 years ago for his web pages. His web server name is also maddog. So I was just wondering.


I have been lucky, my 2fch has about 1500 rounds on it and so far it has been good.


@KM55 never payed attention at the range, but do you slap your charging handle down to chamber your first round? I personally don’t see this being a contributor to this problem but I’ve seen it discussed. Doesn’t really seem to me like it could add any more stress to the CH than the normal cycling of the bolt.


I just purchased (2) of the RCH…for both of my new S2Ks. Is there an issue with these braking?? Was enough long term R&D/testing done to determine if this is only an isolated incident? I am thinking this RCH should be over engineered to never fail. If the RCH is eventually going to fail, I would like to know.

@ChrisNelson - kindly weigh in sir.
Thank you.


@Patriot1 until this issue is resolved I would recommend having your OEM or spare aftermarket CH in your range bag just in case.



I hope @ChrisNelson will kindly weigh in with his thoughts/feedback on the RCH breaking. I did not prior to purchasing these RCH’s know that this issue existed. If due to a design flaw the RCH will eventually crack, I think it’s important to know as an end user/purchaser.

Purchasing any weapon upgrade and waiting for it to fail or thinking or hoping it does not fail is not something I never ever want to have in the back of my mind.

If these failures are isolated to an extremely low lot number and new stronger RCH are now developed and sold…well all good.

Not trying to be an arse hat, but I may contact MCARBO and return both RCH’s for a refund and go back to the Kel-Tec CH.

Has anyone received any updates? Better steel being used?



If you read this thread from the top, you will learn that: 1) There are documented failures of all available charging handle styles including the factory handle. 2) The MCarbo Recoiless has the most durable design which is being exported to the 2 finger handle which may have the highest failure frequency. And, 3) designs that increase the moment of inertia also increase the stress the charging handle endures (until it doesn’t).

I have not had a failure or signs of failure, but I made a place for the factory handle in my kit 'cause failure is possible and I might want to keep shooting. If I do experience a failure, I will probably order a replacement recoiless using my phone at the range. It feels that much better in my hand - recoil mitigation was never a concern or expectation.


@Dred that was a very articulate reply sir!

I agree with the groups findings that the lower CG charging handles will last longer and the low CG/low mas charging handles will last the longest!

I disagree respectfully about the prohibition against the HK chop…should not be any more force in action than when the charging handle is reciprocating!