Broken Charging Handle


@Dred That’s a good point that I knew but never got around to mentioning. The bolt tube cover either has to go or the opening has to be modified for the wing design. I think it can just be modified because the wings really don’t extend that far but you are correct that there is a lot to consider.

@Johnksg As the originator of the wing concept, I won’t make any claim of ownership if whoever makes it gives me a few freebies. I’m easy and cheap. :grinning:


@JoeFridaySays, I might be able to make a winged version when I get cracking on this, I’m willing to try anything once!


@Kona @JoeFridaySays @CatFood and anyone else I may have missed! Lol

I do not want to sound self important, I just know some folks!

Like Brian I just want the parts…but I want no hurt feelings!

And lets be honest it may not work out at all!

But I know some designs that did, some I even played a tiny role in, that launched companies. (It is kinda the nature of the firearms community…we talk alot and share.)


So lets have @Kona get chris on the horn, let him read the discussion and decide if he wants to take it up?

If he doesn’t and all of you fellers agree and @CatFood has a prototype, then I can bring it to Bill and see what his company can make?

Just an offer, an idea, a possibility, but NOT a promise! :grin:


I wil add this point, I have seen this happen before! A small company starts out making upgrade parts for a good design that has poor execution of detail.

At some point they realize that they can make the ENTIRE weapon or reloading machine better than the originator!

There are discussions over beer, casual ideas batted about at the range…and something new is born.

I have a lotta ideas for the S2K, most of them are old ones, just put together in new ways.:grin:


@Johnksg @Kona @CatFood
To save the trouble of digging back through the thread, here are the most current versions of the key illustrations:


@JoeFridaySays I hope at some point @ChrisNelson see’s your concepts! (For a trial lawyer you did good.) :grin:

And like @Dred points out it needs to be made, used and abused by @Kona to see if it works?

It may even be an avenue that MCARBO tried before and found lacking? We simply do not know!

But I for one would like to see this discussion have a chance of becoming a reality.:+1:

For a “bunch of monkeys with typewriters” I think we did alright! (all credit to Brian)


Chris has been emailed. I would ask that you all hold any further discussion until Chris can acclimate himself with the last few pertinent posts. Thank you. @Johnksg I see you typing. Stop it lol :joy:


We’ve adopted the more robust lockup feature for all SUB-2000 Charging Handles going forward. Also made changes to add more strength to that design by adding bigger radii to the top and bottom of the notch cut out on the lockup feature.


@ChrisNelson good to see you brother!

You have created a very cool playground!

What about the fracture point from the high CG on the current CH designs? Does MCARBO have any plans in the works to address this? Brian, @JoeFridaySays had some very good input on this discussion.:grin:


Attention Brotherhood, this is the official response from @chrisnelson and I am authorized to disseminate it

We’ve gone to a more robust u-shaped lock up feature that will be on this next batch of all 3 types of charging handles. We will replace any broken Charging Handles as always and expect this to solve the problem for good.

As far as IP or claims to ideas it’s a free market and he who takes the risk can keep the rewards. Although it’s rather bad form and not authorized for anyone to advertise their own or a competitors parts for sale. No commercial sales are authorized on the forum but private gear sales are allowed.

Thanks again,



Well that went south real quick!

Sorry to all involved if anything I said made management react this way?

I really was excited about the idea of taking our discussion to a reality.

Again I apologize…I think there has been a misunderstanding.


John … I read that you have to all clear to get you some made. I s’pose I’m posting now 'cause I suspect you are stuck infering between lines of the official statement. The joy of an official statement is that there is only blank space between lines.

If Bill get’s it done and decides to offer it to the market he’ll just need to work a Marketing budget into his asking price.


@Dred lets just “stand by to stand by” for the moment?

I did not mean to cause a problem for anyone!

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Got the metal ordered, have the delrin already I just have to find it. Hopefully they work lol, time and testing will tell. Now only if we can eliminate this really bad ammo law starting 1-1-19. Should have the metals here next week.

Found a inconel aircraft bolt that should work with minor machining and it’s already threaded (from research inconel is hard to cut threads into).

Most of this work will be with files, drill press, blood, sweat and gears (old monster truck theme lol).


@CatFood Hopefully NOT to much blood!?

Maybe we should pause on this a bit guys?

I do not want to cause problems or see the forum shut down.

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@Johnksg I don’t think the forum will be shut down. Basically just can’t sell or advertise company products. But it’s ok for private sales. I don’t plan on selling these if they work, just me tinkering on my s2k. Hopefully no blood will be spilled over this lol (besides minor cuts ect lol). Just that old monster jam theme popped into my head lol.

Since I’m rolling with this already, I’m going to see it through. If @ChrisNelson or anyone else sees a issue with this I’ll stop posting regarding the CH.


@CatFood I did not mean it quite that way…

I am just cognizant of the fact that I am playing in another feller’s sandbox!

You all do what you want in my opinion. :grin:

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Is there a time frame we can expect this “next batch” to be available and will they be identified on the site as the newer version? @ChrisNelson


6-8 weeks for the new version. New pics on the site will show the internal feature changes.