Broken Charging Handle


Fun day at the range. Unfortunately this happened. Must’ve been its 5th trip to the range :frowning: Anyone else have this happen to them? Maybe it’s a defect if happening to a lot of us.


Extensively documented. Contact MCARBO and they will replace with a new stronger version no questions asked.


They are sending me a replacement already :grin:

But this part was just a little over a month old, so probably the same part. Sad to hear this is a common problem :frowning:


That is the 2 finger mcarbo

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Has the grips… can’t see the bottom :wink:

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In my observation, the extra length weight just adds to the stress on the thinnest area of the part with the constant slamming back and forth when firing. Longer moment arm exerts more force on the pin where it goes into the bolt.


I was thinking the same thing. Appears to be aluminum also, but could be wrong


But, you can’t control it during firing. The recoil impulse is even worse than the return to battery stroke.


You referring to the red buffer? Nah I have the full kick from the 9mm

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@BobListy I have the Sub in .40 with the larger heavier recoiless charging handle and red bolt buffer and I slap that charging handle with my right palm to chamber that first round (because it’s just cool to do that) and have had no break issues.


Don’t really want it to feel like a 22 though, I have a plinkster 715 for that :wink:


All good points. Plinkster is just for cheap plinking :wink:

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“I am one that doesn’t just let it go flying forward when charging. I prefer a controlled movement.”

Never been told to do that as it often results in jams. I haven’t installed mine yet. If this is happening with other parts it will not go on mine. I will keep the factory piece on there until this is resolved.

Sounds like better metal needs to be employed. I am sure this will be resolved.


And, again, it doesn’t matter. It flies forward and chambers another round every single time it’s fired. Nobody is controlling the recoil impulse/movement. It slams back and forward by design.


Same here. First the pineapple one and then the cherry lifesaver one. I didn’t notice any recoil reduction but I figured that it might help with cushioning the bolt, end cap and crosspin from the recoil slam.


9mm g19 here if you meant me

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Suggest reading the Kel-TEC manual on chambering a round. Page 8.


Nope. I shoot 9mm here.

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I belong to another forum and before buying my first Sub2k I had read from other guys who have experienced broken charging handle from Mcarbo but I still went with them because of the great customer service.


I think Kel-Tec suggests doing it that way is to keep unnecessary wear off of the charging handle stem and the receiver’s bolt hold open notch. Even Kel-Tec has had broken charging handles. M*CARBO did replace mine last year, no questions asked. Great service!