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Broke My KSG Killer!

Eight rounds to my first FTE. No big deal until I figured out I couldn’t even pull the fired shell out of the ejection port. Turns out the Turks welded the dust cover to the recoil spring well enough to survive exactly 7 rounds of 1600 fps 1 1/8 oz rifled slug. Trigger pull number 8 was more than their weld could handle.

Thankfully, disassembly confirmed that a little piece of mangled sheet steel may prevent the bolt from moving back far enough to eject or pick up a new round, but it ain’t gonna damage the action. So the separated bit was removed and the shotgun was reassembled sans dust cover.

She ran like a champ once the weak link of a dust cover was removed from the equation. So, I’ll be interested to learn how Inter Ordnance handles warranty issues on this Kral produced shot blaster.

Did my thread title get your attention? 'Cause I called it a KSG Killer? That was on purpose. It is only similar to a KSG in so far as it is a 12 guage bullpup shotgun. It is a box mag fed, Saiga 12 cloned semi-automatic.

Behold the I.O. XB:

I’m definitely happy with the performance. I’m brand new to the AK action and I think it is awesome in an entirely rediculous way. I could certainly go for a non reciprocating charging handle on the left side but I was able to operate the gun with my left hand by reaching over the top. Awesome describes the magic that bleeds the 12 guage high brass recoil force away from my shoulder.


Damn look at them swimming pool digs?! Change your nickname to “Champagne Wayne”


It’s the weekend so I’m at the gf’s place. I am just the Pool Guy.


All the the more you are The Man! Suave. Sophisticated. Debonair. And most def hooked up in the shotgun dept! (Don’t think I didn’t notice that double-wide grill setup in the background either😜)


@Dred did it mangle the dust cover to the point of no return , or could it be rewelded TIG if the company blows you off?
lm into the stone work looks good my brother! only thing missing is a Guinness :smiling_imp:


There’s a shotgun in those photos?! :grin:


Y’all funny. My gf’s son took the pics for me and although I expected he’d focussed on the xb, I posted what he shot. He’s my primary range buddy but we didn’t want to do the pic thing at the range - some of y’all might remember stupid range selfies that went viral recently. It sorta changed the way cameras are viewed at the range 'round here.

But … years before the dummies went viral, I shot pics of the gf at the range where the dummy spoiled the pics thing.

So that is proof I’m blessed - heck, she’s a good shot and I’m still breathing.

@GOBLIN … worst case I can bang the sheet metal back into shape , but I’ll roast this co if they don’t make right. This is a shotgun I cannot find video of anyone firing online. And I’m turned off by their warranty verbage. They actually specify that I’ll pay shipping both ways to get my gun serviced. I’ve offered to let them send me a replacement dust cover with goid welds - I hope they accept the offer.


if they dont, send me the pieces, I will TIG it back up take me longer to set up the tip than weld it up. not a problem brother.


So … chapter 2:

I check the owners manual for gas adjustment advice. I hadn’t missed it 'cause the 4 position gas adjust is not explained or mentioned.

So, I removed the plug and determined I was directing max gas at the bolt - this would be a low brass setting. I installed the plug in the minimum gas/high brass orientation. And, a quick trip to the range confirmed she was much gentler this way. But rounds are now sticking in one mag. I’ve now got box mags inbound and I need to open up the sticky mag, clean it, dry it and dry lube it to see if it will work.

Also got an email from interordnance; they are working on a replacement.