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Breaking in New Boots

Don’t you love new Boots. The new leather smell, it’s almost like a new beginning :slight_smile: . But the agony breaking them in. Just started breaking in a new pair of Ariat Groundbreaker soft toe and it’s murder on the feet. Anybody else get new Boots recently?


I remember my dad suffering theough breakin on his Hermans and RedWings, and i dread that every time i need more…
Im overdue for a new set, usually put in a few miles per day at work, and breaking em in sux. Current pair is timberland pro, and they were broke in when brand new. Absolutely the softest most flexible leather on a new boot. Never had a better feeling boot in my life ! They came with a “30day money back gaurantee,” so figured theyd be worth the risk. Cured my plantar fascitis too. I had been through custom orthodics, cortizone shots, 3 months of physical therapy that didnt do as good as these boots did.
Currently shopping these below as replacements because they dont make the model i have now anymore. If anyones tried them, id be curious to hear real reviews.


Those look like some solid Boots! I used to where Boots like that all the time until I got a pair of pull on work boots. In my life being able to just throw them on makes a lot of sense


I always buy Ariat boots because there is no break in for me.
Except for the last pair. Had a rough couple days with these.
I get a boot allowance every year at work. A nice little perk.
I always get the composite/safety square toe in light brown.

Last year we picked up a contract that required lace-ups.
So I got two pair that year. Lace-ups were Ariat, as well.
Really impressive boots. Comfortable and long lasting.


I’ve tried many boots over the years, even some Steel Toe Keen hikers , and Reebok safety shoes.

My old Standby was Doc Martens but the soles would get destroyed in about 6 months in the machine shop.

I’m currently on my first pair of red wings. I love these boots. I’m about 5 months in and they should easily last over a year maybe more. They weee vey stiff when I got them but I worked them by hand while watching tv and that seemed to help them. After a couple days they felt great.


Ive gotten 2 years typically, out of these TBL pros, but used to blow through crafsman safety shoes 2 per year, so im close to even. My wife thinks for the $$ the boots should last even longer… i cant win.:roll_eyes:


Ariat make a great lace up boot for horse back riding, I’ve still have mine & put a lot of miles on them riding & walking/climbing the Rockies. Very comfortable, the only thing I did was mink oil the entire boot even under the protection flap that protects the top of the boot from wear & tear of the stirrup.


First thing :eye:’m going to buy when :eye: sell my wines grapes this year is new boots! One-two years is about it for me…socks last about two weeks…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Keep the good info flowing!

My vineyard is steeeeeep!


You would definitely need good boots for a grade that steep :slight_smile:


Boots are very important in my work. Ironworkers always use flat soul boot. No heal! Can and will trip you. 1/4 inch is all it takes. Make ever step count.

We don’t recommend steel toe boots either. What we’re dealing with is so heavy that if a beam was to fall on your toes it just curls the steel toe in the boot and cuts your toes off. Unlike maybe just crushing them. Plus they are heavy. What to be light on you feet. My Grandma seen photos of me walking the iron and she called me Twinkle Toes.

I have been a Throughgood fan for the past ten years. Not as heavy as Redwings. No moc-toe, stitching gets burnt welding and burning. I have two sets of boots always.

I wear a pair at home to break in. Have a pair in my truck for work. When those are done use the pair from home for work, buy another for home. 8 to 10 months is all I can get out of a pair.