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Breaking in a new or repaired firearm

Ok, So, USED to be, when you bought a new gun or got an action fixed, SOP was to run a hundred rounds or so through it to break it in (and you as well to a lesser or greater degree).

That was ok back in the good old days when most ammo was less than 25 cents a pop. But at a buck a round today, that can get quite expensive.

The question now is, Is there an alternative that accomplishes the same goal at a much lower cost?

This also begs a second question: Practice. What’s the current fiscally responsible thinking here? (Read affordable)

On a lighter note, the other day I went to a local indoor range here in Saint Louis county to test a pistol I had just repaired. One of the range officers, a few of the regulars and I were shooting the breeze when this guy comes in. He checks in, goes out to his assigned stall, pulls out an AR and lets lose as fast as he could pull the trigger. He ran through three 30 round magazines in less than about a minute. He then packed up and checked out. He probably spent less than 10 minutes between check in and check out.

We knew the guy in the stall next to him and he brought out one of the casings - I guess he could see us all impressed like, because he said “Look at this”. It was a still hot 300 Blackout case. One of the guys said those 90 rounds were probably well over $100.

Besides the government, the only time I’ve ever seen anyone blow a hundred bucks in one go like that was at the Casino. We looked at each other and someone says “Drug Money” and we laughed because we were all thinking the same thing. Cause you know, the city of St. Louis Missouri was right next door so to speak.

BTW, the B-27 style target he left hanging looked like it had been hit with a dozen rounds of 00 buck from 25 yards even though the target was only about 10 yards away from the guy and his rifle. SMH. The things you see at the range these days.


Nothing substitutes for the real thing but during the shortage I have shot with dart guns, airsoft and a laser trainer. I do not own one but would think a high quality pellet gun would also be good for keeping one’s skills sharp.


Yeah, good point about the pellet gun for personal training and practice! Best of all, it’s not illegal to shoot them in doors in the city or burbs. Some property owners might even be able to setup an outdoor pellet gun rifle range.

I’ve been having fun with 22’s :slight_smile: but they aren’t 380, 9mm, 40, or 45 though :frowning: 22LR is now running about the same cost per round as the bigger bores were running before the run on guns started :frowning:


yep know the ilk. spray and prayers.
I been trying out a laser rig for pistols. rifles i still load up and shoot at least one mag once a week. but i savor em a bit more than 10 min.


You have to practice with what you carry, including defensive rounds no matter the cost. Use it or lose it. As for break-in, maybe not 100 rounds all at once but spread over several sessions so it also counts as practice.


Done that plenty. Simple explanation though.

Sounds like a function check after he tweaked something. Stress test for the mags? Stress test for his new load? New buffer? New gas block?

Sounds successful.


My thoughts also. The most important time to “be one with your gun” (rhyme intended) is when faced with a life and death situation. And, what gun do you have in that situation? Why, your carry gun of course! Though cheapskate that I am, I simply use the same grain weight in FMJ as my PD ammo.


22 is a great practice gun, rifle or pistol. Face it shooting fundamentals are the same 22 or 50 BMG. Sometimes they are better at showing us our weaknesses than a big caliber.

$100 is just not much money to some people. I work in a high end business and tell people in complete seriousness when discussing their work that everyone including Bill Gates has a budget…his is a little higher than mine. Same with standards of ability. We all have a different frame of reference. When I was competing in High Power some of the younger guys would make fun of a new guy, not to his face of course. I’d just say “Yeah, its sure a good thing I started out as a High Master”. Sometimes people just have not yet found out what good is. When they do maybe they will strive for it. I figure if hes into guns hes one of us and maybe hes just a friend I have not met yet.


That helps, but every type and brand of round shoots a little differently. At least once a month I shoot a magazine of fmj from my carry gun at 10 yards, sometimes 15, then a mag of pd rounds. If I’m still hitting black 80% of the time, that’s probably as good as I’m going to do. Yes, it’s expensive, but what’s the point of carrying if you can’t make the hits? The rest of the time I’m shooting .22s with a little “fun time” with my PC9, S2K, or AR thrown in for variety.