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Brass Cased Ammo End Times?!

:eye:’ve heard this the past few years.

Wonder what the cost difference will be by the time it hits the public hands??? Less or More?

Your best guess? :eyes::eyes::boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

After 50 Years, the Army and Marine Corps Are Closing In on Dumping Brass-Cased Ammo



My two cents guess is there will be a lower manufacturing cost, but will be sold as special new heat reducing tech, improving the life and accuracy of your gun, which will cost the public more… kind of like the smoke and mirrors of the organic produce marketing strategy.


@Stircrayzy I kind of agree with the first part of your post…but the second part I don’t. …:sunglasses:

As a “successful” grower of organic wine grapes…and not using Round Up= Glyphosate…as well as my sweetheart has a 5,000 sq. ft. Farmette that she sells plants and produce…we know the difference…and the public does more each year.

Yes one can survive on “conventional” food assisted with Glyphosate…but it weakens the immune system and this is a time to maintain and strengthen ones immune system…”if” there ever was.

Glyphosate, a chemical that kills weeds, is the most widely used herbicide in the country. It is in over 750 products sold in the U.S., according to Oregon State University’s National Pesticide Information Center. While the chemical has been around for decades, people only recently realized it was making its way from farms to the dinner table.
Monsanto began selling Roundup – the main active ingredient of which is glyphosate – in 1974. More than 20 years later, the company developed genetically modified crops that could withstand direct exposure to the chemical. Farmers bought into the idea and started spraying more Roundup.

Thank you for chiming in here…:v::sunglasses:


My 2 cents from my 26 years on active duty is " They are called orders Not choices ! " If that’s what your Battalion hands you to shoot, that’s what you shoot & don’t open up your mouth complaining about what they should be shooting. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’m sure they’ll try that but I doubt experienced shooters will believe it. Over time, though, as the old-timers die off, the preference for brass will become an old wives’ tale.

Can steel be reloaded? I thought it wasn’t done. There goes another skill and way to not depend on industry’s ability to keep supply up with demand, and to charge whatever they want.

As much brass as the military goes through, I’ve wondered why they don’t have their own reloading facilities, but then I remember that politicians make money from PAC lobbying.


I guess I have always thought of Lake City Armory as a government facility, but maybe that’s government owned but contractor run ( if that was your line of thinking ). That article certainly documented some high dollar contracts for R&D to see if a new product could be developed. I’d agree with the lighter weight being an improvement . . . my experience with 7.62 versus .556 certainly resulted with carrying more rounds which I personally found beneficial. I’m sure they will come up with something new with all the technology available.


Did a little more research…it’s a go…:sunglasses::boom::boom::eye:

We’ll sort of…don’t see 22LR or 9mm…yet…:eyes:

Polymer Cased Ammo from

PCA Spectrum:

PCP Tactical:

Textron Telescope Ammo & General Dynamics/True Velocity:

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Nice videos done by Reps & Factories ! Except the military will do a very stringent testing on their own & only time will prove this is effective ammo which will include field testing with a group of active duty. Time will tell, till then only the Shadow knows. My only hope it it’s not a repeat of the first M-16 issued.

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:eye:’ve given this topic some thought. This year :eye: inventoried, sorted, counted, renewed and purchased more ammo and steel boxes, conditioned the seals, and tested all of the oldest ammo :eye: own starting with the mid 80’s.

Everything was stored in USA Military Surplus Ammo Boxes and seems 100% reliable.

A friend offered to lend me his Chrono…so :eye: can test the velocities of the oldest to newest same type ammo and from the same firearm/barrel.

My plan WAS to use up the oldest ammo first.

If the FPS is within 95% of specs :eye: plan to stop using the older ammo and saving it for an investment.

In a decade or two or more, possibly the brass cased ammo will be worth as much as gold…possibly to a collector.:scream::eyes:

:eye: will watch where this goes for sure…:eyes::sunglasses::boom::boom::eye:

Sound like a plan?:sunglasses: