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Brand NEW Glock G45: Who Likes It?


This is the Glock I want Glock18 full auto


Keep dreaming. Look up the Micro Roni.for gen4 model 19


@KM55 the 16" Roni Kit looks better to me


That’s no PCC. That’s an abomination of all that is holy. :joy:


Kona that it is. They are popular with the Glock crowd around here. The dealer I do my transfers with has one for display and has orders for a dozen more. I asked about a M&P version and they make the carbine version but it requires the federal stamp. I have shot one of the Glock micro setups it is a very compact setup and accurate. Plus it’s easy to conceal.



And, I soooooo wish they offered the braced pistol version for the 22TCM. I’ve been back and forth trying to fit the carbine version they do offer into my reality. I just can’t bring myself to cripple a perfectly good pistol with a stamp.

Here’s hoping I have broken down before the zombie apocolypse. I’ve done my research (watching TWD) and it will be awesome for clearing Zombies.


I just emailed the company and inquired about does the M&P version fit my M2.0 5" barrelled 9mm.

The reply from the company is "At this time there isn’t a model to accommodate the M&P M2.0 with the 5"barrel. Maybe later in 2019 or 2020.


@Flogrown, Humor can get the better of me??? The Glock 18 is definitely a ‘game changer?’ I have a Glock 17 Gen 4 that I ‘qualified’ with. I love it… I have rebuilt it completely and finished it with a compensator that mounts to the recoil… I ended up replacing the barrel with a LONEWOLF threaded model. Glock has been reinventing the same models for years and the Gen 5 (in my opinion) have a lot to be desired… I chose to build my Glocks using 80% frames now and make it ‘my own.’


@lonewolf I have come to term with the fact that I don’t really “need” a Glock 18 but damn I just want to borrow one for a few months or years or decades. Ever seen National Security with Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn. Martin Lawrence character sports one in the movie at least as far as I can tell that’s what it is either way I’m drooling. EDIT After looking it up it is as you were speaking of glock17 modded to fire full auto with an extended compensated barell. Pure sweetness


Laughing madly @Flogrown, I saw the G18 on youtube and my jaw dropped. Before I knew ‘anything’ about tax stamps and BATF regulations, I was already on the web researching on where I can obtain the parts! It must be that male testosterone thing that women complain about? LMAO


I like the G45 or 19x for open carry at work. Here in Florida you can open carry on the job if your employer allows it of course. High capacity magazines and shorter barrel for quicker draw and maneuverability in close quarters. If I worked in a pawn shop or any business that handles a lot of cash, this would be my weapon. I do open carry my G17 when I help out at my friends Tattoo Shop, which isn’t very often, but would switch to a G45 if I did it every day.


Oh, and if you are going to go with a Roni, the 16 inch version is the way to go.



have a glock 45 G30 GEN 4. shoots great.


I did go with a 19X overall less expensive with NS and 3 big mags, plus I like the color-makes it easy to grab out of the “black stack” in the safe. This is a very nice gun -military specs with no safety, and all the latest “Gen 6” improvements. Besides my son got one , so I had to get one too.



Yes, very important to keep up with the Jones’… Why do ‘us’ men have all the testosterone to deal with??? I am forever getting in arguments with the wife over the ‘stupid’ stuff! :thinking:


Indeed! We recently picked up some pistol-caliber carbines, a 9mm and .45. Both take Glock magazines. That was cool, because while we don’t own any Glocks, our S2K takes the 9mm Glock magazines.

The .45 carbine also uses Glock magazines, so when we went into to a local gun shop and asked if they had any ‘Glock .45’ magazines, the guy looked at us like we had three eyes! “No, I mean the .45-caliber Glock magazine, like the G21.”

He had one in stock.


Glocks numbering system is totally confusing, and not just for their guns. They now have a G27 magazine, but it’s not for my G27 40 cal subcompact, it’s a 27rd mag in 9mm. You have to read the fine print to make sure you’re buying what you really want.


I don’t have the 45 but did scoop up a coyote 19x Blue Label $425 plus tax which I really like.

  • 9mm
  • 19+1 rounds
  • 4.02" Glock Marksman Barrel
  • Glock night sights
  • Gen 5 features
    Just qualified the daytime, combat, and night time courses under HR 218 for LEOSA credential with these three here in NC. I may scoop up a 45 under LEO Blue Label, and will add Glock night sights.
    19 19x 43


Got my gen4 mod 27 and a mod 43 under the Blueline program, great prices. Also did my HR 218 recert in Nov. In Wis we don’t have different courses, we have to shoot the same qualifying course as an officer graduating from the police academy does. This was my 10th time. I also have the distinction of being the only retired LEO in our county that is certified for semi auto and revolver.



Glock’s models were already a little confusing, now a little more.

S&W’s models are not always intuitive, either. Examples: Model 25 = .45 colt; Model 625 = .45 acp. Model 29 = .44 mag; Model 629 = .44 mag.