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Brand NEW Glock G45: Who Likes It?

  • I have to have it!!!
  • I added it to my list.
  • Not a Glock person.
  • Just another Cash Grabber Idea.

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Well Glock decide to come out with there next Variation of Gen 5. G17 & G19 with MOS and a G45. Well no it not 45acp but it’s the cousin/ sibling of the G19x.


A pistol named Glock 45 chambered in 9mm is just…wrong… LOL


Not Glock hating but serious facepalm at “G45” when it’s a 9mm. I get it’s their 45th patent but what a terrible confusing name.


This is Glock. 4 plus 5 is 9 = not really that difficult. This way, they can make the big kahuna a gold one and present it to his library as a tribute - if he continues his record of successes. I actually think its funny and will consider one specifically so that I can refer to 9mm rounds as Glock 45s.


And, the Glock 40 isn’t .40cal. LOL


That was pure coincidence. :+1:


@Wedge Glock 22 (2+2=4) is a .40 but my Glock 35 (3+5=8) is also a .40? For sure that’s not how it works.


With that logic, my G19 is a .20cal. My G26 is an .80cal. My G43 is a .70cal. I’m so confused. LOL


My G34 MOS is a handheld 20mm with Military Operating System :joy:


@Wedge I bet that 80cal has some recoil :astonished:


On a serious note, it’s a 19X in black, with a gigantic butt (not conceal friendly) and a short slide (not recoil or sight friendly), and the moon shape magwell removed. Hard pass. The only way Glock can become relevant IMHO is to release a PCC.


Can’t think of a single reason to swap my G17 in for this.


No, I heard it from a friend of a friend who saw Ferris Bueller pass out at 31 flavors last night, said that it was 9mm times 5 rounds equals 45… :sunglasses:


@partsed Simone? Simone?


Some people love Big Butts, it is what made the Kardashians so popular (personally not a fan of either, just sayin’)


I’m not a Glock person but if I were, I’d just go with the 19x…


I just want a Glock 18…other than that happy with the Glock 22


@Kona, they have the people at RONI doing it for them


@KM55 I never knew they even made that. Ugly though looks kinda bulky and frumpy to me. You ever installed a conversion on a pistol?


Kenny that thing is a pistol brace. Super compact and lightweight. Almost makes me want to buy one along with gen 4 Glock 19.