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Bought the Vortex VMX 3X; and yes, they are Chinese 🇨🇳

After a long time trying to buy a magnifier for my red dot sight, I stumbled upon the VMX 3X on Amazon for something like 40 bucks a month on a QVC-esque payment plan (214.00 or so total). I have not found (anywhere) an item like that for the payment plan. I jumped on it after reading a couple reviews.

Then, I noticed it. The dreaded “Made in C___a” tag on a review somewhere. I started some research. After digging for a little bit, I found that Vortex Inc. has contracted their items to several different countries. Mind you, I will not cancel a deal like that for the magnifier, so I figured I would contact them.
Here is what they said:


G_________ ____________
May 26, 2020, 2:12:18 PM CDT

Thank you for your interest in Vortex Optics and for reaching out! We really appreciate it. We are an American company and Veteran owned. All of our products are designed and engineered here in the US.
We do use manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, the Philippines, and here in the US to manufacture our products
No matter where they are made the all follow our specifications and quality standards. The Micro 3x Magnifier is manufactured in China.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

All the best,

G____ _____
Vortex Optics | Sales & Technical
One Vortex Drive
Barneveld, WI 53507
800.426.0048 ext. 1566


Do I feel like I gave money to China?

Yes, I do. It feels pretty bad.

Do I regret making some money for an American company?

With their resolution to contract items to be built in China, it makes me question the values of their stockholders/shareholders/upper management.

Would I buy the Vortex brand again?

I don’t know. The optic is fantastic. It seems to be one of the best on the market for its price range. It just sucks that it was made in China. I would have purchased an alternative, American made optic if they had a similar payment plan. Either way, the optic does perform very well. Crisp-clean image through the lens.

Rant over. Sorry about that. It has been bothering me. I felt as if it were time to get it off of my chest.


I feel ya, but not sure if many of the top brands don’t do the same.
Pretty sure Holosun, Sig and Primary Arms are made in China.
Could be wrong. Also think Trijicon and Eotech might be, as well.


Without fact checking myself, Trijicon, Eotech and Aimpoint are USA all the way.

But I run more Vortex myself. I haven’t compared the magnifier glass between brands but I can tell you an EOTech G33 magnifier goes for near $600 cash up front. Comparable quality at 1/3 the investment should not cause you to lose sleep.


The grammar and punctuation in the return email was terrible.
And to Google Map the address using the satellite image setting is hilarious. They certainty have plenty of room to expand. Lol.
Don’t get me wrong, quality stuff. This just makes you wonder at times who you are REALLY dealing with these days.
As matter of fact me did outsourceded this reply too Pakistan


I did fact check, and those 3 do not use China in their manufacturing process. So I am now looking at saving a few bucks and spending my cash in America. But I do not look badly on anyone who buys what they want.


You don’t need to justify where you spend your cash. I am looking for optics and found that there are 3 manufacturers still in America so I am going to save and spend it with them. But the optics you bought have very good reviews and I am sure they will last you a long time.

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This was my thought (although not as eloquently put as you did). I looked up Northtac. On Google Maps, it looks like a chop shop.

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Well, they did recently build a new place in Barneveld and it looks like Google Maps hasn’t updated their imagery for that remote area. As far as spelling goes, they must hire all local people because I work with a guy born and raised in Janesville, WI (60 miles away), and he can’t spell worth a lick. Even with spell checker…


Were are the parts made? But it was so easy and profitable to send them raw material and plans, have them build, ship back to us, and sell at a tremendous profit. Just small staff of clerical, sales and few blue collar workers and presto, a huge rich corporation. But they sent us more than expected. Hopefully, we learned a lesson. We will work our way out of it.


From what I gather, the parts can be manufactured anywhere in the world.

Mil spec screws, glass, etc., can be made anywhere but assembled in the area where the ROI (Return on Investment) was in the black. Some of their products are assembled in the USA, but quite a few others are made across the globe.

But I digress, I think I do not understand about a lesson. I think these are finely made, as I have no problem with them. Are you a manufacturer for Vortex? A distributor?


The VMX 3X is bang on. Took a bit to zero, but my groupings seemed to be damn good at 50 yds. This is just a quick couple clicks on the W n E, it was working beyond what I would imagine. Also, I am not a pro, so if anyone says I can’t shoot worth shit, I couldn’t agree more.
The Underwood 135 g at 1600 fps (10mm) is nipple flicking amazing.

I would definitely buy another one for a different carbine. Those Chinese hands assembled a pretty wicked magnifier.