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Boss 25 question

First off, i love my boss 25 and shoots great. Fun to shoot.

What is this in the red circle? What is it for and do?


Ramp key?


Looks like it captures the ramp components.


Nailed it. Ramp key takedown lever. Looks like it needs to rotate to remove the barrel assembly.

Shown at 2:08…


I haven’t even got to shoot mine yet but that video is priceless. I would have never went that far on a break down based on the not so informative included manual. :thinking:

Larry :innocent:


Thank you. The manual that came with it doesn’t have a lot of information

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I don’t own one, but being curious as I am I looked at a pdf of the guide and was kinda taken back how scant it is in details. There are a few more videos with some more detail, but this is the only one I found that directly calls out the level you circled.

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